Online Blackjack for Dummies: The Basic Knowledge Every Player at the Table Should Know

A student practicing blackjack at the Japan Casino School in Tokyo. (Photo by Martin BUREAU / AFP)

When diving into the world of online blackjack, beginners should step tentatively to manage their risk to reward ratio. Read below for some of the basic tips and tricks every blackjack player should know before going to battle with the dealer. 

Online and Live Blackjack 

There are no actual differences in online or live blackjack games when comparing the rules; however, the practice of counting cards is eliminated when playing online. The auto-generated method of how hands are dealt in online blackjack eliminates the ability to count cards, but this is the opposite of what happens when playing at a physical casino.  

Remain Cautious: Hit and Stand   

Most possibilities in online blackjack are by chance, so it’s imperative to understand this when you decide on your next move. In most blackjack games, you have five choices: hit, stand, double down, split, or surrender. 

Most of the time, a conventional approach to hit on a hand is when the value is lower than a hard 8, or below a 17 against a 7 or higher. Hard hands 17 or above are stands, but soft hands can be approached with different methods, including an Ace and a 7. 

Double down positions arrive when you own an 11 versus a dealer 5 or 6. Splitting is rare and is only viable when a player is presented with a pair. However, not all pairs are splittable. 

If you’re playing with a casino that offers the ability to surrender, take this step when you have 15s or 16s versus a deal 10 or Ace. 

Avoid Insurance  

Casinos allow players to place insurance on the dealer hitting a blackjack, but your bet will be halved, and the only profitable should the dealer get an ace and a ten. You don’t win additional money on insurance bets; you are merely returned the initial stake. The house edge on insurance is huge; avoid it at all costs

Basic Strategy  

Learning basic strategy in blackjack is to understand every possible outcome of all situations that can be presented within a game. Learning basic strategy will give players a mathematical advantage in blackjack that doesn’t equal an unbeatable approach, but it does, however, lowers the house edge.  

Soft 17  

The most intelligent approach to a soft 17 is hitting unless the dealer is showing a bust card. Soft 17s deliver significant room for the player as they’re gifted two chances to create a stronger hand. 

Set Limits 

Bankroll management is the most important aspect of gambling across all games and sports betting. It’s crucial to risk only what you can afford in order to maintain short-term and long-term profits.