NFL Super Bowl Alternate Betting Odds

Anyone that loves to wager on the NFL is well aware that this Sunday’s Super Bowl between New England and Seattle is the mother of all gambling events when it comes to betting on the game. Along with your basic pointspread and total line, Doc’s Sports has you covered with a number of Super Bowl betting odds for alternative lines to add even more excitement to the action.

Right now, the Patriots are slight one- to two-point favorites almost across the board, but there are a number of ways to bet this game if you want to tweak this spread in favor of one team or the other.

Seattle as the Favorite

These types of wagers basically come down to the level of confidence you have in your straight up pick to win this matchup. If you believe that Seattle is going to roll to a second straight NFL title after pummeling Denver in last season’s Super Bowl 43-8, then you may want to give some points to New England to get a much more favorable return on your wager.

A $100 wager on Seattle minus two points would return $110 to that bet on the current money line for the game. If you raise that line to three points, your return would then increase to +150. If you think that the Seahawks are winning this game by at least a touchdown, then your best option would be to lay six points for a return of +195.

All three of these options offer some value in the betting odds given that you are going against the betting public in this game after Seattle actually opened as a two-point favorite when the oddsmakers first released the spread for this game.

New England as the Favorite

Deflated balls or not, if you are a staunch believer that New England is due for another Super Bowl victory after two crushing defeats to the New York Giants in its last two trips to the championship game, then you may want to enhance your return by giving even more points to the Seahawks.

By bumping the pointspread up to a field goal you can get a money line of +140. Take that spread up to six points and you can generate a +170 return as long as the Patriots cover. Going to that magical touchdown spread of seven points, you can increase your return to +230.

If you really want to go crazy and bet that New England rolls to a victory greater than 10 points, then the money line odds for that bet would be +300. Taking things up a notch or two higher, you can get a +450 money line if you are willing to lay 14 points with a play on New England.

Betting the Margin of Victory

Another good test of your confidence level in your Super Bowl pick is betting on an actual margin of victory. Going back to our first scenario where you are convinced that Seattle is destined to successfully defend its title with a SU win on Sunday, you can earn +350 that the Seahawks win by one to six points. Roll the dice on a seven- to 12-point win and the betting odds increase to +550. The money line return for a 13- to 18-point victory is set at +800, and this number jumps to +1400 if Seattle’s margin of victory falls between 19 and 24 points. Suppose the Seahawks duplicate last season’s 35-point win over Denver? The return on a margin of 31-36 points would be +3500.

The most interesting part of this wager is that the odds for New England’s margin of victory are exactly the same. This would imply that the better value lies in Seattle given that it did open as the actual favorite in this matchup.

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