NBA Odds: Depth makes Jazz intriguing bet option

The Utah Jazz will have to show a distinct ability to win ball games on the road this season before anybody takes their 100/1 odds of winning the NBA championship seriously. However if their performance at home is any indication, they’re not as much of a long shot as they seem.

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With one of the most intriguing frontcourts in basketball, the Jazz will have more than enough weapons to use against the Los Angeles Clippers in Salt Lake City on Monday. The question is whether or not the fringe Western Conference contender can continue to make due with a less-than-impressive guard tandem.

In Al Jefferson and Paul Millsap, the Jazz have two of the most underrated forwards in the game, assets that could very well be behind a boost to Utah’s NBA Finals odds. Before anybody rewrites the basketball futures, though, the two big men will have to find a way to capitalize on the momentum that they’ve shown at home this season.

Such momentum will be on display when Blake Griffin and Chris Paul roll into town after the weekend. With 14/1 NBA odds of their own, the Clippers are a legitimate contender in the west.

Not only would a big Jazz win keep the club’s superb home record intact, but perhaps enlighten the rest of the NBA betting world to just how powerful this Utah team can be.

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