NBA Is the Most Bet On Sport in Ontario

Jayson Tatum #0 of the Boston Celtics points against the Miami Heat. Andy Lyons/Getty Images/AFP

Since the arrival of single-game sports wagering to Canada’s biggest province came in April 2022, Ontario already has a dominant market in under two months as the NBA tops the list for the most-wagered on sport. 

Ontario Betting Activity 

In a recent study counseled by, more than a third of Ontario-based citizens are placing wagers at least once per week. The study suggested that 35% of Ontarians are wagering on sports at least one time per week – less than 39% that aren’t betting whatsoever. Canada added single-game sports in 2021, but it wasn’t until this year that the province officially launched the market. 

More than a quarter of these queried bettors place three bets each day. In addition, 70% stated they’d won at least $1 on their wagers, and 18% say they’ve profited $51 to $100 on their single-game sports bets. 

NBA Tops the Leaderboards, NHL Expected to Rise and CFL Approached 

The NBA has been favored at sportsbooks by 28% since Ontario bettors began placing wagers legally, with the NHL coming in at 22%. This could be reflected by the Toronto Raptors NBA Championship winning season of 2019. 

The Raptors were eliminated from their first round of playoffs this term, and so was the Toronto Maple Leafs. Still, with an additional two NHL teams – the Calgary Flames and Edmonton Oilers – it’s entirely possible we’ll witness hockey wagers collect steam in the coming weeks. Ontario is also the home of Major League Baseballs Toronto Blue Jays. Still, the study highlighted a mere 8% of residents are wagering on baseball. 

With 13% betting on the NFL, it’s clear that Ontarians were interested in the Draft and/or future bets ahead of the 2022 season. The method in which bettors direct their wagers could take a dramatic turn when the Canadian Football League gets underway. 

Sportsbook Operators

Bet365 is leading the operator race as Ontarians’ most-used sportsbook with 18%, thanks to the UK-based operator’s already entrenched impression in the province as a grey market company. BetMGM is close behind with 17%, FanDuel 11%, Caesars Sportsbook 8%, and PointsBet is at 7%. 

When it came down to mobile application downloads, Bet365, theScore Bet, and FanDuel led the market early.