More Sports Means More Money at BET365

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A $100-dollar bill is seen on top of Euro bills. Daniel Munoz/AFP

August means football training camps are open in the NFL and colleges. With games on the gridiron starting by the end of the month, the number of sports available for betting is about to increase.

Bet365 is ready to take advantage of the increased sports wagering options by offering a promotion that pays more money the more sports you bet on.

A multi-sport parlay at Bet365 will pay up to a 70% bonus, with the amount increasing as you add more sports and more legs.

Bet Almost Anything

In order to qualify for the multi-sport parlay bonus, you need to place a pre-game parlay with at least two selections from a long list of sports and betting markets.

The list includes any mixed martial arts event and any boxing event. For baseball, games in the following leagues are eligible: MLB, Japan’s NPB, and Korea’s KBO count.

Basketball is open to betting on the NBA, WNBA, NCAA, Olympics (men’s and women’s), FIBA America men’s, Women’s world championship, and FIBA World Cup. Hockey includes NHL, Men’s world championships, College Division 1A Championships, and Men’s Olympics.

The two-way markets eligible for the parlay bonus include point spread, run/puck line, totals, first-half spreads or totals, and second-half spreads or totals (for NFL, NCAA football, CFL, NA, WNBA and NCAA basketball only).

For boxing and MMA, the markets include To Win Fight and Fight Outcome.

Win Almost Anything

The bonus amount rises as you add more legs to the multi-sport parlay. If you win a two-play parlay, it pays a 5% bonus. Adding a third leg doubles that to 10%.

Each additional leg adds another 5% to the bonus amount: four plays is 15%, five is 20%, and so on.

To max out the bonus, you need a parlay with 14 plays or more. The bonus amount is capped at $150,000.

If one of the legs is a push, you can still earn a bonus, but it is calculated based on the number of legs that won. For instance, winning an eight-leg parlay would pay 35%, but if one of the legs is a push, you get the seven-play bonus of 30% instead.