Maximize Your Profits with Maximbet

man counting dollar bills
A man counts dollar bills. Adem Altan/AFP

Maximbet is a top sportsbook that, a few months ago, made a splash by becoming the first U.S. sportsbook to commit a current baseball player to a partnership.

Getting this player (Colorado’s Charlie Blackmon) was cool, particularly since Maximbet had recently gone live in the state.

This sportsbook is currently only available in Colorado, but it has plans for expansion.

Other states they are targeting for a future launch include several midwestern ones, such as Iowa and Indiana.

While Maximbet is a recent entry into the sports betting landscape, its growth is quick and bodes strong promise for its ambitious presence.

Promos for Every Bettor

Maximbet offers a great array of opportunities across different sports. And, in addition to offering opportunities for extra money, they also offer generous forms of insurance.


Most recently, Maximbet offered a great UFC promo whereby bettors who wagered $100 or more received $19 in free bet money given a knockout finish in the main event –indeed, the main event did end in a knockout.


There are still many current promo opportunities offered by Maximbet. For example, if you bet $10 on a PGA tournament competitor to win outright, then you get as much as 50% of your wager –as much as $100– back in free bet credits.


Moreover, if you bet $50 or more on a soccer total, then you get $10 in free bet money if your bet loses.