MaximBet Play Offers Free Way to Win

Kyle Schwarber #12 of the Philadelphia Phillies hits a solo home run. Mitchell Leff/Getty Images/AFP

MaximBet has a number of interesting promotions running now, including risk-free bets and sport-specific offers for baseball and tennis. The most intriguing reason to check them out, however, might be their new app. MaximBet Play is free and available everywhere. It lets you cash in on “predictions” made during sporting events. 

MaximBet Play

Unlike the actual sportsbook, which is only available in states where online betting on sports is legal, the MaximBet Play app is billed as being available nationwide. 

That’s because it’s technically not considered betting on sports. Instead, you make “predictions” on what’s going to happen next during a live sporting event. It’s completely free to make your predictions, so no gambling going on. Instead, it’s a sports prediction game that features cash prizes. The site advertises it as a way to “play and win for free.”

“MaximBet Play is your ticket to victory,” it claims, “with free predictor games. Lock in your guess, wait for the outcome and find out what you’ve won. There’s no cost to play. Ever.”

It may not be quite the same as putting down a bet, but, especially if you live in a sports betting desert, it’s a way to get into the action.

Other Offers

For people looking to take advantage of the classic sportsbook action, MaximBet has you covered there, too. No users can get up to $500 back with a risk-free initial bet. “Don’t sweat your first bet,” the site advertises. 

Tennis gamblers can also get $15 back if their $75 live bet on Wimbledon losses. And MLB bettors can take advantage of MaximBet’s one-leg parlay insurance.