Like Parlays? Check Out Bet365’s Promo

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A foreign currency dealer counts US dollar bills at a shop in Karachi on February 25, 2022. (Photo by Asif HASSAN / AFP)

Top Sportsbook Bet365 has already established a strong reputation in the United Kingdom and continental Europe where bettors rely on this website to bet on various sports around the world. With the legalization of sports betting in the United States, Bet365 is expanding its customer base.

In order to get more customers, Bet365 is offering attractive promos. So, it may seem like Bet365’s promos might be too good to be true or like there is some kind of catch. But neither option is the case. Rather, Sports Betting Sites face stiff competition as they all want to get more customers than each other.

This competition explains why sportsbooks like Bet365 are willing to offer such great promos. Bet365 is offering an array of promos that will appeal to all sports bettors. One thing that is interesting in June is its baseball offerings.

Despite its history in the United Kingdom, Bet365 is a great place for baseball bettors. If you’re interested in baseball, you’ll want to know the attractive prices that Bet365 is offering for futures. Just scroll to the bottom of the page to show the odds American-style.

Currently, the Dodgers are favored to win the World Series at +475.

Bet365 is also appealing to bettors who like to place parlays, which all bettors should place in order to maximize their profits.


Bet365 will add a bonus to your winnings if you place a two-game parlay on a major sporting event. You can make your parlay have more than two legs. Moreover, your parlay can be multi-sport. For example, you can choose one baseball game and one soccer game.

Your bonus winnings will increase depending on the size of your parlay. So, for example, if your parlay is a two-leg parlay and it hits, then you will get a five percent bonus, a bonus that amounts to five percent of your earnings on the parlay.

Your bonus will be as high as 70 percent, so you can really win an even crazier amount of money if you pull off a larger parlay.

With this bonus, it becomes mathematically even more reasonable to go for parlays so that your Sports Betting endeavors may become more profitable.