Like Betting on Horses? Check Out FanDuel!

Horse Racing track
Horses in a race. Justin Tallis/AFP

FanDuel is one of the most popular licensed operators to bet within the United States. They offer an easy time for sports bettors. Signing up is easy and so is placing wagers.

Moreover, they offer a great selection of sports and specific wager opportunities. One can also invest in live events.

An underrated aspect of betting with FanDuel is the aesthetic layout of their site.

This might seem trivial, but sports betting feels more interesting and exciting when it’s literally beautiful to place wagers.

Since FanDuel has great wealth owing to its popularity with sports bettors, they can afford to make great deals in order to entice new customers in an ever-expanding legal sports betting market.

If they can get bettors to see what they have to offer, then they won’t be disappointed.

Playing The Horses

While horse racing is not one of the most popular sports in this country, it would be a shame to limit yourself by not investing in ponies.

Betting on horses is somewhat of an American pastime, which is why you can see horse racing take place in many black-and-white films.

FanDuel makes horse racing more fun by appreciating how difficult it is to choose a winner.

Multiple Options

Because there are so many options to bet on to win, a bettor who does not think of betting on multiple horses in a given race might give up if he repeatedly fails to predict which horse will win. This sportsbook does not want its customers to be disappointed.

FanDuel’s current offer is this: if you place a bet on a given horse to win and your horse finishes second or third, you get five dollars back.

Horse racing is available to bet on at FanDuel in 25 different states. If you are in one of these states, be sure to enjoy the rush of horse racing while taking advantage of the added layer of security that FanDuel is gracing its customers with.