How to Use Profile Limits for College Football Betting and More

Screen Shot 2016-10-21 at 8.31.22 AMCollege football betting is one of the most popular sports on which to wager. A lot of an online bookies’ action is going to come from college football betting.

See below for how bookmakers can use profile limits to not only manage college football betting but to also manage other sports’ betting.

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Max Betting Profile Limits

The best way to manage college football betting is to set max betting profile limits. When it comes to moneyline bets, max betting limits should be set no matter the profile.

For example, a casual bettor, one who only bets $20 or so a game, should have a max betting limit of $100 on moneyline wagers.

Major players, those that bet around $500 a game, should have a max betting limit of $500 on any game.

If those players hit a few college football games at $500, consider lowering the amount of money that those players can wager on any single game. It all depends on an online bookie’s level of risk.

It also depends on how those online bookies are utilizing layoff account options. There are other tools available to online bookies in addition to setting max betting profile limits.

When it comes to college football games, since the information isn’t as prevalent as the info on NFL games, utilizing all tools at a bookie’s disposal is the way to go.

Parlay Betting Profile Limits

This is an absolute must. This rule doesn’t just apply to college football. It applies to all sports where parlay betting is allowed.

I know some bookmakers who never take a parlay larger than $300 from any of their players. I know other bookmakers who stagger the max that they’ll accept on a parlay depending on the parlay odds.

So, for example, if the odds are 6 to 1 on a 3-Team parlay, the bookmaker will only accept a $200 3-Team parlay.

There are also bookmakers who prefer to set profile parlay betting limits. In other words, the amount that the $20 player can bet on a parlay is different than the amount that a $200-dollar player can bet on a parlay.

The real key to making this work is understanding the profile of each one of your players.

Profile limits can be used in college football betting and other sports to manage an online bookies’ risk.

The key to setting correct profile limits, to not anger any players so much that they leave your bookie business for someone else, is to keep tabs on how much money each one of your players is winning or losing and how much they are betting.

By understanding player preferences, bookmakers and per head agents can set optimal profile betting limits.

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