How to Bet on Boxing: A Short Guide

Boxer Floyd “Money” Mayweather during a press conference. AFP PHOTO / MARK RALSTON

Nothing drives the excitement of wagering on an event like combat sports. As the most popular form of the art is boxing, it’s imperative to understand how rewarding it can be when you place profitable bets on the sweet science.

Boxing is one of the most intriguing sports on the planet, and its origins date back to Ancient Greece in 688 BC. Some believe boxing has existed as long as human history, and prizefighting, in general, is embedded in our genes as the most primal way to prove physical dominance over another man or woman.

However, it’s 2022, and when combining the squared circle with the booming sports betting era, it’s simple to make amateur mistakes when placing wagers. Continue reading as I’ll guide you through the unknowns and how to bet on boxing intelligently.

Without Study, Give Up

The most thrilling sports to handicap fall under the combat sports category. No matter how unknowledgeable you are, it doesn’t consume a considerable amount of time when learning about the sport.

Tape study is the single most imperative reflection on combat sports bettors’ results. The knowledge you hone will be the factor in deciding which boxer is worth backing, plain and simple. Obviously, there are levels to understanding the sport; it doesn’t simply revolve around who can punch harder. However, anyone can study a fight without sitting through a 60–90-minute game.

For beginners, you can simply start by studying two fighters who’re scheduled to fight. Implement factors such as development, age, experience, training levels, gyms, coaches, attitude, and current trajectories. These are the basics, but you’ll soon begin to collect knowledge that can assist your wagering needs.

Understand the Odds

Heavily juiced betting favorites are standard in the boxing stratosphere but don’t fall into the trap of believing the oddsmakers know it all. Referring back to tape study, if you’re noticing flaws or factors that don’t represent the available boxing odds, trust your study time over the bookmaker’s opinion.

With that said, it’s equally essential to tread carefully when you do support a boxer whose odds are price high. As a long-term bettor, wagering in favor of odds such as -800 can potentially throw away months’ worth of work in one night should a price tag like this fail to cash.

Explore the Markets

Due to the high number of juiced odds, take an intuitive mindset and explore the alternative betting markets. Heavy hitters are great for betting on the knockout or ‘fight doesn’t go the distance’ markets, and the most challenging and most durable fighters can return lucrative profits on expecting the contest to reach the judge’s scorecards.

Again, tread carefully. Round betting offers extremely tempting odds, but they’re equally challenging to predict as the implied probability suggests.

Line Shop

Last and certainly not least, line shopping will be your best friend. Utilizing websites such as TheRX to find the best available odds will dramatically increase your long-term profits.

Particular sportsbooks have been known to have a 200/300 point difference in their available odds compared to others; ignoring this is no different from setting your money on fire. Don’t leave the extra cash on the table, and always remember to shop for your odds.