How to Find the Best Paying Slot Machines

Bettors play slot machines at Dover Downs Casino. Mark Makela/Getty Images/AFP

Slot Machines are a casino’s best friend because they’re incredibly enticing for a gambling enthusiast. You can hit the jackpot from the smallest of stakes, and the games require zero skills to play.

But the big question that lingers on our minds is: how do you find slot machines that pay out on a regular basis, and which games pay the most?

We should never forget that slot machines are entirely random, so there’s nothing you can apply to assist your chances of winning. However, contrary to popular belief, there are a handful of tactics you can apply to gain an edge over the casino

Find Slots With the Highest RTP (Return To Player) 

When you’re in the market hunting for a slot machine that is most likely to pay out, you should look no further than the RTP percentage. Each slot machine will be attached with an RTP percentage, and the higher that percentage is, the more likely the machine is to hit. 

RTP is calculated with the amount the machine has paid out and how much money it has taken. In a hypothetical situation, if a machine has an RTP of 96% and you put $1000 into the slot, then you should expect a return of $940 (in a long period of time). Of course, this is nothing but a rough estimate, but you can now understand the gist of RTP. 

Research Forums and Online Message Boards  

Online gambling forums usually have slot players sharing the knowledge of their past experiences with online slot machines or visits to casinos. 

These forums –like our forum here at TheRX – can provide a deeper insight into the gambling world, and the aforementioned slot players will unravel which machines have gifted them with high payouts.     

Research Casino Review Websites  

Online comparison sites that offer independent reviews on slot machines are an excellent alternative for those who aren’t willing to scour forums and message boards. 

Casino comparison websites are a great tool to find your next slot machine with information on paylines, reels, the current RTP, and the last recorded win.     

Research Slot Machine Developers  

Some of the leading game developers in the slot machine business are NetEnt and Playtech, as these two companies are renowned for their high RTP percentages. 

If you can spare the time, it’s always advisable to research which developers have created loose slots and slot machines that are proven winners for players.   

Avoid Machines That Don’t Pay Out   

Whilst there are many slot machines with a significant RTP percentage, you should also avoid the slots that are notorious for not paying out. 

Alongside your list of slot machines that boast a positive RTP percentage, it’s worth blacklisting those that have garnered a reputation for their low RTP.