Hope for Bettors in Vermont


Lake Champlain Burlington Vermont
A general view shows Lake Champlain in Burlington, Vermont. (Photo by Ed JONES / AFP)

Hot-button Issue in New England

Sports betting has been a hot-button issue in New England. Vermont is no exception. Top sportsbooks such as FanDuel would love to operate throughout the entirety of New England.

However, the legalization of sports betting has been a hot-button, controversial topic in the region. The difficulties involved in working out the legalization of sports betting, even among politicians who support it, have already been apparent in Massachusetts, for example, which would easily provide the biggest market for sports betting.

Other States Already Legalized Sports Betting

Other states in the region have, however, already legalized sports betting. Rhode Island and New Hampshire are well ahead of Massachusetts and Vermont.

More recently, Connecticut launched legal sports betting in 2021. The most recent state in the region to legalize sports betting was Maine, which did so this year.

Senate Bill 11

Vermont is making progress toward the legalization of sports betting. The relevant item of legislation is Senate Bill 11. Primarily, this is a bill that targets consumer protection, commerce, and trade,

However, the passage of the bill has required a committee to form that is devoted to examining the legalization of sports betting.

Members of this prestigious committee include Vermont’s Attorney General and state lawmakers. The study of legal sports betting that this committee will engage in could persuade other lawmakers and voters.

Draft of a Sports Betting Bill

It could result in the drafting of a sports betting bill, which could be passed so that sports betting gets legalized in the state.

While the legalization of sports betting in the state is still far away, the formation of this sports betting committee was clearly an important step.

It can meet up to four times until December 15 when its findings will be reported to other key players.