The liberty to bet on Little Leaguers

One of the things I love about offshore sportsbooks is that they’re willing to hang lines on virtually any sporting event or competition that has an audience.

Take for instance Little League Baseball. Currently, teams from across the U.S. are competing in regional tournaments with the goal of advancing to the 65th Little League World Series in South Williamsport, Pennsylvania.

The Little League World Series, which is devoted to teams comprised of kids from ages 11 to 13, gets national television exposure on ESPN. Many of the games in the regional tournaments are also broadcast on ESPN, including four games on Wednesday.

Millions of Americans will be watching these games, some of whom will be gamblers who’d love to lay some action on the Little Leaguers. Recognizing this fact, sportsbooks like have hung lines on all four of today’s games (see odds below).

In my opinion, hanging lines on these types of events is an admirable expression of American-style capitalism and liberty. is seizing an opportunity and giving Americans the freedom to risk their money on the outcome of a game played by kids.

The goodie goodies of the world are no doubt outraged by the prospect of people betting on kids. Yet, they conveniently overlook the fact that ESPN and its sponsors will likely make a killing off the backs of the Little Leaguers.

To approve of big corporations risking their money on these kids, but oppose grown adults from wagering a few bucks on the little whipper snappers, would be hypocritical. Then again, hypocrisy is characteristic of most do-gooders.

Its this hypocrisy which makes it all that more satisfying to see sportsbooks post odds on Little League baseball, junior hockey and spelling bees.

– Holmes

Matchup Runline Moneyline
Michigan +2½ +140 +265
Kentucky -2½ -180 -385
Georgia -2½ -145 -290
West Virginia +2½ +105 +210
Ohio +2½ -115 +190
Indiana -2½ -125 -270
Alabama +3½ -105 +270
Florida -3½ -135 -390

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