Perry begins crusade as favorite

It appears rumors about the demise of the Christian right in presidential politics have been greatly exaggerated.

With Texas Governor Rick Perry joining Michele Bachmann, Mitt Romney and other Bible thumpers in the race for the GOP nomination, it’s clear hardcore Christians are still firmly in control of the Republican Party.

No doubt Sarah “the Alaskan Angel” Palin will join this merry band of GOP apostles looking to bring the word of God into the White House.

With President Obama’s approval ratings plummeting faster than the Dow Jones, the odds that one of these Christian warriors takes the reins of the most powerful nation on Earth are improving by the minute.

This would not be good news for those of us who like to commit the cardinal sin of wagering on American sports. The industry is still reeling from the moral crusades launched by the attorneys Dubya installed at the Department of Justice.

The only safe Republican option for those who believe in smaller government, lower taxes, free markets AND protection of personal liberties appears to be Texas Congressman Ron Paul.

Unfortunately, the libertarian godfather of the Tea Party is not viewed as a legitimate contender in the race for the Republican ticket, particularly among members of the mainstream media. Why, pray tell, is this?

Regardless, below are some of the latest GOP and presidential odds offered by a few of our sponsors.

– Holmes

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Mark Sanford


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12 comments On Perry begins crusade as favorite

  • Jim Hightower says that Rick Perry puts the ‘guber’ in gubernatiorial. If he wins the election make room for me in Nova Scotia.

  • No problem Jimmy. I’ll get you set up with a snow blower, a warm toque and season’s tickets to Halifax Mooseheads hockey games. Good to hear from you, Mr Sirody.

  • Earth to Holmes: um defeated the Community Organizer in Chief would be bad for gambling rights? Have you been awake during his Presidency? I mean sober and on earth? The DoJ under his leadership has all but meant the death knell for offshore sportsbooks?

    Was this a parody and I just missed it?

  • Sports Betting,

    As I alluded to in my piece, the recent attacks on online gambling are a result of religious-leaning DOJ attorneys appointed by Dubya. Once appointed, these attorneys are in for the long haul – their terms don’t end when a new President (e.g Obama) is elected. Same goes for the investigations the attorneys launch once appointed (e.g. online gambling investigations).

    Regardless, nowhere in my piece did I actually defend Obama. Instead, I was evaluating the GOP candidates and it seems to me Ron Paul would be the only candidate that would overtly support the online gambling business.

    Make sense?

  • The head of the DoJ is Eric Holder, a very hard left leaning AG. Obama has already told Holder to completely reverse the war on terror, ignore enforcing laws against illegal aliens, and not to enforce marriage being defined as between one man and one women.

    Please give me the names of these DoJ attys you are talking about.

    The DoJ under Obama appointed Eric Holder has been the most devastating ever for gambling rights.

    You may want to double check your facts. A conservative, pro-business candidate like Herman Cain is what those who support gambling rights need. And he will be held accountable for what the DoJ does under his watch.

  • Once again, I’m not defending Obama and his record. Admittedly, Holder and Obama appointees were heavily involved in the Black Friday indictments.

    Like many in the online gambling business, when Obama was elected, I was hopeful the government would be more liberal regarding online gambling. But alas, I was wrong.

    And perhaps all of the religiously-motivated attorneys that Bush hired like Catherine Hanaway and Steven Holtshouser have ridden off into the sunset. You may be right.

    That said, do you really believe that a Baptist preacher like Herman Cain is going to support gambling rights? Don’t Baptists traditionally see gambling as a sin?

    Regarding Cain, Georgia Christian Coalition head Jerry Luquire is quoted as saying, “if he’s not pro-gambling, he’s at least not anti-gambling.” Doesn’t sound like he’d solidly our corner.

    Americans who value their personal liberties and believe strongly in the separation of church and state should be nervous about politicians who are as staunchly religious as Cain, Perry, Romney and Bachmann.

  • Herman Cain is a preacher? I think this is as much news to him and it is to me.

    Fact: Catherine Hanaway and Steven Holtshouser are private attorneys. They were replaced by Barack Obama.

    Preet Bharara is the US attorney responsible for Black Friday.

    Fact: appointed by Barack Obama. He has a long history of being appointed to positions by far-left pols with a history of being unkind to big business.

    Online casinos are big business. Remember the left talking points: all conservatives care about is big business. The current administration has not been kind to US based businesses, much less offshore. Ask Spiro which administration has been a bigger enemy to gambling rights.

    Herman Cain a Baptist preacher?

  • Here is a link with a video where Cain specifically states he is a Baptist preacher:

  • According to Cain, God cured him of cancer and told him to run for President.

  • Apparently, before Cain had his cancer surgery, the surgeon told him he would make a cut in the shape of a “J”.

    “As in J-E-S-U-S? He said yes. A Jesus cut. I said, ‘thank you Lord.'”

    A little later in the video:

    “I believe that God allowed me to become a successful businessman because He had something else in mind beyond that successful business career.”

    Good comedy.

  • Fair enough. Count me among the most who did not know.

    But rest assured, it he ever said anything as stupid as “We bombed Hiroshima, we bombed Nagasaki, and we nuked far more than the thousands in New York and the Pentagon, and we never batted an eye… and now we are indignant, because the stuff we have done overseas is now brought back into our own front yards. America’s chickens are coming home to roost,” neither he or anyone who would sit idly in the pew would be qualified to be President.

    Not sure somebody giving credit to God for being a successful businessman–enormously successful at that–qualifies as pure comedy. But back to the point at hand: I wished your researched the facts behind Black Friday before you threw out a bunch of highly factually inaccurate statements. Are you looking to host a talk show on MSNBC?

  • I am calling a truce to this verbal jousting. Suffice it to say, we learned a little from one another. I hope you enjoyed the exchange as much as I did.

    As for a talk show, I was actually hoping to recruit Jim Cramer from CNBC. He would make an excellent sports tout. Imagine the conversions.

    On that note, I bid you adieu, kind sir (or madam).

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