Happy holiday’s from TheRx

The management, moderators, computer programmers and editorial staff at the RX.com would like to wish all of our posters and readers a very happy and healthy holiday season. We hope you enjoy our holiday poem called “No such thing as a lock” and wish everyone good luck in the 2012 sports season.

‘Twas the night before their lock game
and amid the sports service boom
There were promises, 10 stars and sure things
As the predictors filled the room.

For this was the game they all had studied…
The point spread was fixed at three
To add extra excitement to the event
The game was on Monday night TV.

There are many variables in predicting a winner
The points you can give or lay
The ball will take some funny bounces
But you never know just which way.

The game begins and your team scores first
It’s going just as you’ve planned
You dream about a trip offshore
With the dough you’ll soon have in hand.

Your side scores again with an 80-yard pass
It’s almost too good to be true.
The home team looks totally inept
As the partisan crowd begins to boo.

The third quarter starts with the other team scoring
But you’re not worried just yet.
You’re still ahead by seven big points
And you’re sure you’ll cover your bet.

The gun goes off to end the third
With the other side scoring again
You try to recall when these teams met
And just where it was, and when.

Momentum has changed as the fourth quarter starts,
With your side committing its third fumble
When the home team turns it into three points
You begin to curse and mumble.

As the final seconds tick by, you’ve lost by three,
Your gold watch you’ll have to hock.
There’s a painful lesson you have learned…
There’s just no such thing as a lock!

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