Gambling on March Madness 2022: The Dos and Don’ts

View of the March Madness logo as players from Wichita State Shockers and Drake Bulldogs play. Gregory Shamus/Getty Images/AFP

As we approach the most exciting period of the college basketball season, bettors are lining their units up to wager on March Madness.  

With conference and postseason CBB tournaments expected to raise the industry’s betting handle in the month of March, you want to be fully prepared with the knowledge to tackle the 4-week wagering venture wisely. Look no further, as we highlight the dos and don’ts before placing your March Madness bets for 2022.  

Bankroll Management Is Imperative  

A common theme amongst sports betting communities is ‘bankroll management’, but this term shouldn’t be overlooked. 

It’s easy to become excited and find your entire bankroll at stake within the first week of March Madness, but this unethical approach could cost you dearly. Manage your bankroll wisely and keep those valuable units for the most opportunistic moments.   

It’s impossible to find betting value in every game. And despite the urge to wager on countless meetings before the season is over, you’ll want to pin-point favorable situations when the year’s most successful teams are the ones left competing.   

Have Patience and Be Particular   

High-volume bettors are rarely successful, and the ones that are, have decades of experience and expertise behind their approach.  

Be tentative in your choice selections, and remember that nobody is forcing you to wager on every game. Your stakes and volume should alternate depending on the games available; have patience; your time to pounce will arrive.   

Pay Attention to Motivated Squads   

Most teams who’ve reached this point of the season will be motivated to succeed. But during conference tournaments, you’ll often stumble on teams who’ve already secured their position, remain cautious betting on teams whose motivation could be on a temporary hold.  

Conference tournaments particularly deliver endless underdog positions worth backing, especially those teams who’re in a situation where losing would see them exit the tournament altogether.  

Recent Form Before Overall Records   

Team records can sometimes be deceptive; that’s why it’s crucial to pay attention to recent form rather than overall records. Keep your eye on teams who performed well to finish the regular season and steer clear of those who crumbled later in the season.  

Schools that barely qualified into the NCAA Tournament will rarely find a positive run down the stretch.   

Defense Wins Championships   

High percentage scoring averages can undoubtedly assist teams in the regular season, but this success rarely follows them into the postseason if their defense is in question. Teams who solely rely on offense are liable for a bad shooting performance, usually resulting in a quick exit when the eliminator games are presented.  

Of course, the ideal team will own a perfect blend of offense and defense, but it’s strong defensive teams who’re trustworthy when betting the spread – especially when they’re in underdog positions.   

Avoid Imitation of Public Bettors   

If you tend to follow the opinion of the betting public, stop! There’s a significant number of teams who’ll receive praise from the public regardless of their current form. The oddsmakers will regularly overvalue the most popular and higher-ranked teams, so keep this in mind.   

This doesn’t mean wager against every favorite on the board, just recognize that you’re going to struggle to find consistent value in wagering on college basketball’s most prominent programs.  

Location and Bias   

Travel schedules and distance traveled should always be factored into your handicapping. Teams with longer distances to travel will suffer by the number of supporters attending the game. In neutral locations, don’t neglect this factor either, as the higher-seeded teams are often placed closer to home.  

Last and certainly not least, put your bias aside when money is on the line. It’s easy to allow the fandom of your favorite team crossing paths with your wagering decisions. Still, you’ll find a lot more enjoyment in protecting your bankroll and avoiding a financial worry of whether your team wins or losses.