Gambling Advice That Bookmakers Don’t Want You to Know

Supporters hold inflatable letters “CR7” referring to Portugal’s forward Cristiano Ronaldo. (Photo by MIGUEL RIOPA / AFP)

The nature of gambling is a form of entertainment that can often lead customers to rewarding outcomes.

However, the risk to reward ratio often favors the multi-billion-dollar operators who consistently own an edge over their consumers.

While casino games such as roulette or slot machines can provide hours of entertainment, the highest possibility of long-term profits is found in those that partake in sports wagering.

With that said, losing is still probable. So, we will highlight some of the critical factors that create a winning bettor.

Know Your Sport

You cannot simply expect to rely on team trends to bulk up your pockets. The New York Yankees may have won their previous six Major League Baseball games, but have they truly been an unstoppable team offensively and defensively?

And how many of their current 9-inning situations have been reliant on the bullpen? Which top-scoring soccer player is having disputes with his manager?

Ronaldo could be the league’s highest scorer, but how does he fare versus top-six clubs? These are just a handful of minute details that should be factored into your decision-making.

Highlighting small intricacies for each team or player will prepare you to find the best available betting value.

Favorites Don’t Win Every Time

It may seem obvious to highlight, but it’s sometimes difficult for bettors to go against the heavily juiced betting favorite and ignore the value to be found on the underdog.

Some of the world’s most experienced sports handicappers will end a season with more losses than wins, but their overall profits exceed and defy the object of strictly winning games.

This is because they’re betting value, particularly plus-money value, where you’re only required to win a certain number of bets before your profits can stem far higher than your straight-up win/loss record.

For example, a $100 on odds of +200 will return $200 in profits, whereas a $100 wager on -200 odds will only return $50.

Finding underdogs when the favorites are overpriced is crucial to maintaining profits on a long-term basis.

Shop For Your Odds

Shop loyalty shouldn’t exist in the world of sports betting. Finding the best value for money is crucial if you regularly place wagers.

FanDuel could price the LA Rams to the Super Bowl at +900, whereas BetMGM may have them listed at +1100 for the same outcome.

The +200 price difference may not seem a lot, but throughout twelve months of wagering, your end-of-year profits/losses will be dramatically affected if you neglect these price differences.

Be sure to register with multiple bookmakers and always bet on the best available price.

Bet With Your Brains, Not Your Heart

Die-hard sports fans will struggle not to bet on their favorite team, but no matter how much you want them to win, the final result isn’t altered by your desires.

Bookmakers love nothing more than a sports fan because even the most elite teams/players will lose multiple games per year, and those moments are easy profits for sportsbook operators.

Don’t Force the Bets

The entertainment value of having a wager placed on the game you’re watching is unquestionably a thrill. This, however, causes a lot of gamblers to force bets when there isn’t a viable reason to do so.

You won’t always find a good enough reason to place a bet; if your research isn’t aligning with any games on the board, there’s always another day.