Early Insight: Approaching the Betting Odds for the 2022/23 NFL Season

Cincinnati Bengals’ quarterback Joe Burrow (R). Valerie Macon /AFP

A refreshed, rejuvenated, and fully loaded 2022/23 NFL Season is upon us, and as football fans, we’re all counting the days until September 8th. And, of course, nothing compliments a football fanatics season without his betting notebook with a plethora of predictions for the season ahead.  

The new season could deliver an even bigger unpredictability than the Bengals reaching the Super Bowl final last year, especially if this year’s trades are considered.  

 Ok, so maybe I’m a little early as we’re 15 weeks out from the new season, but who’s counting?  

As I know anybody reading this is excited as I am, let’s ponder on the available NFL betting odds for the Super Bowl LVII and evaluate our approaches towards betting on the upcoming NFL season.   

NFL 2022 Betting Odds: Futures, Specials, and Singles  

Where better to begin than the off-season? Well, for those unfamiliar with wagering during the off-season, there’s one thing you should understand, this is where you’ll find the best available value offered from the sportsbooks.  

Predicting how successful or unsuccessful a team will be, which teams will win their respective conference, and who’ll make it into the playoffs and go on to be the eventual winner of the Super Bowl during the off-season will unquestionably give you a chance at finding the greatest possible return on investment.  

NFL Line Movement

In a recent line movement shift, the Kansas City Chiefs have dropped from being the favorites to the win the Super Bowl as Tyreek Hill was traded to the Miami Dolphins. The Chiefs can be found at +1000 – which still holds some significant value, in my opinion – but it’s the Buffalo Bills priced at +700 who’ve become the bookmakers betting favorites to win it all.   

Don’t sleep on teams in the West. As we previously mentioned, this year’s trades aren’t giving many teams a clear-cut advantage. Following a season where the Cincinnati Bengals defied the odds, a team like the LA Chargers could turn out to be an incredible piece of value at +1600.

The Rams have acquired stand-out cornerback J.C. Jackson whilst extending a contract with Mike Williams, and let’s not forget the arrival of Khalil Mack, who could evolve into one of the NFL’s most potent pass-rushers this season.  

Despite the generous payout and excitement behind putting all of your eggs in one basket, predicting the Super Bowl winner can be challenging. Perhaps you’re more suited to alternative markets.  

Betting NFL Specials  

Most sportsbooks will offer unique betting markets outside the Super Bowl LVII winner. Here you will find propositions such as predicting the division or conference winner.  

The Regular Season MVP Winner odds are currently available for those looking to home in on single players work rate, and you’ll find Josh Allen at +800 as the most likely to collect the award. How about the GOAT? Tom Brady shouldn’t be forgotten, and at +1000, could the multiple-time Super Bowl winner prove the doubters wrong yet again?  

Betting NFL Singles  

The most popular method of wagering on the NFL isn’t the future bets, nor is it the enticing odds of a special. The basic approach of picking a winner in each game is still the king of NFL betting.  

From the start of the 2022 NFL season in September to the Super Bowl final in Arizona in February 2023, the most common wagers will arrive on the week-to-week moneylines, point spreads, and totals as the data become available to generate a strong betting opinion.  

Before you wager on the 2022 season, whether it’s a future, special, or single, be sure to research, keep a record to evaluate your progress, and maintain a healthy bankroll to avoid disappointment.