DraftKings Provides $1.5M to Support Problem Gambling Councils

Signage at the DraftKings Sportsbook. Scott Eisen/Getty Images for DraftKings/AFP.

DraftKings has committed to investing $1.575 million to support state problem gambling councils over the next three years.

The funds will be divided among the 35 State Affiliate Councils that make up the National Council on Problem Gambling. Each state will receive $15,000 per year for the next three years, taking the total spend to $1,575,000.

The councils in each state can use the funding at their discretion. The money is expected to go on services and programs for individuals and families suffering from problem gambling, along with staff training, conferences, helplines, and general capacity improvement overall.

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“Having spent several years of my career working with the state council in my home state, Massachusetts, I have seen first-hand how these organizations are a tremendous resource for individuals and families and serve as a critical stakeholder and partner for gaming operators,” said Christine Thurmond, DraftKings’ responsible gaming director.

DraftKings is committed to advancing responsible gaming in collaboration with state councils across the US.

“Our hope is that this funding will give councils that extra support needed to fund priority areas, expand services, or hire additional staff; whatever is most needed, we want to help financially.”

A First Line of Defense

DraftKings has spent the past year working with the National Council on Problem Gambling (NCPG) on several initiatives.

They include an agreement with the Cambridge Health Alliance, Division on Addiction, Harvard Medical School to pioneer a systems-based approach to employee training in responsible gaming.

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Keith Whyte, executive director of the NCPG, said: “State councils provide a first line of defense for addressing the needs of people impacted by problem gambling.

“While it’s well established that these organizations provide critical assistance in the community, they don’t always have the resources and funds to take treatment and prevention to the next level.

This significant initiative by DraftKings shows their commitment to and knowledge of the importance of the work state councils provide.”

Responsible Gambling Measures

You can click on the “RG” logo at the top of the DraftKings online casino, sportsbook or DFS site to learn more about its commitments to responsible gambling.

It includes links to the NCPG – which is gearing up to host National Problem Gambling Awareness Month in March – along with other organizations that can help.

It provides advice on how to gamble within safe limits, dispels gambling myths, highlights the risks associated with gambling and explains the signs of problem gambling.

You can set deposit limits, bet limits and wagering limits on your account, or you can take a time-out or self-exclude.

The NCPG runs a free helpline that you can call if you would like to discuss a gambling problem.

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Last fall, DraftKings teamed up with FanDuel and Caesars Sportsbook, plus the NFL and NCPG for a three-year $6.2 million investment to expand prevention and treatment initiatives from problem gambling.

“We feel it is critical that the NFL uses the power of our voice to educate and encourage fans who choose to bet to do so in a safe and responsible way,” said Christopher Halpin, NFL executive vice president. “We also recognize that responsible betting programs across the country are under-resourced, especially as legalization spreads nationwide.

“Collectively, all of us in the sports and betting industries need to learn from international examples and make sure the development of education and support programs matches the state-by-state growth in legalized sports betting.”