Complete Legalized Sports Wagering Could Arrive in Ohio by Fall

Joel Kuhnel #66 and Tyler Stephenson #37 of the Cincinnati Reds celebrate in Cincinnati, Ohio. Dylan Buell/Getty Images/AFP

Sports wagering in Ohio continues its progression. Senator Kirk Schuring, a sponsor of the Ohio sports betting bill, recently stated that a retail and online sports betting launch date is likely to be announced in the coming months, with an expected date that will be mid-to-late fall.

The state of Ohio will initiate its application for three sports betting licenses (A, B & C) in June, and its closure will arrive on July 15.

A second application for a Type C betting license will be required and will open on July 15 and finish in mid-August.

Following this process, the Ohio Casino Control Commission will announce which license holders have been successful.

The Ohio sports betting bill currently in registration will allow alternative license types. With the Type A license, holders can operate online sports wagering.

Type B license holders can provide retail sports betting, and Type C licenses cover sports betting kiosks inside retail businesses that possess D-class liquor licenses.

Schuring added that a universal opening day for operators would be presented 60-days before the start date, so long as operators have submitted their gaming plans and entire procedures to the Ohio Casino Control Commission.

Once the process has concluded, the OCCC executive director will make an announcement referring to official start date.

However, as the law demands, Ohio has until January. 1, 2023 to launch sports betting, or the procedures will be reset.

Ohio Sports Wagering Information

The Ohio sports betting bill can receive a maximum of 25 Type-A licenses, allowing holders to operate online sports wagering.

Every Type-A holder has the opportunity to collaborate with an additional two sportsbook operators; this could technically provide 50 online sportsbooks within Ohio.

With that said, those representing the OCCC highlighted those 50 operators opening on the start date are highly unlikely.

The casino, racino, and pro sports franchises can apply for a Type A license but must work alongside a sportsbook operator.

These establishments can also request a second Type A license to meet the requirements.

Alongside the ten professional sports franchises in Ohio, NASCAR has the chance to run a sportsbook at the Mid-Ohio Speedway, and the Pro Golfing Association could additionally work a sportsbook at one of the state’s country clubs that host PGA tournaments.

Online and Retail Sports Wagering in Ohio

Type A license holders must possess a Type B license to operate. Type B licenses allow the operator to run a physical sportsbook, and there is a maximum of 40 licenses up for grabs.

Based on a state’s population is how the Type B license limits are determined:

  • Ohio counties with 800 thousand or more residents can own five Type B licenses.
  • Ohio counties with 400 thousand to 800 thousand can have three Type B licenses.
  • Ohio counties with 100 thousand to 400 thousand will have one Type B license.

In conjunction with owning a Type B license, the holders must prove and provide a significant economic development for Ohio, such as created jobs and revenue estimates.