Caesars Sportsbook Pursues Daring Strategy

dollar bills person counting money
A foreign currency dealer counts US dollar bills. Asif Hassan/AFP

Caesars is a top sportsbook that is extremely well-known throughout the United States, and it seems that the higher-ups at Caesars are well-aware of this fact.

It is hard to be popular in the sense that this popularity gives rise to some difficult decisions. Most prominently, the question rises whether a well-known sportsbook needs to spend much money on advertising. One may wonder whether there is a point to advertise your product to people who already know about it.

This question is important because millions of dollars are at stake. On the one hand, the sportsbook may spend millions of dollars on advertising, and of course, it has no desire to spend millions of dollars that are pointless.

On the other hand, the good advertising work could lead to new customers registering with Caesars and thus to an increase in profit.

So, what should Caesars do? What is Caesars doing?

Caesars’ Plan

Right now, Caesars is spending less money on advertising for its online sports betting opportunities.

Higher-ups at the sportsbook insist that Caesars will still maintain a strong market share, which currently stands at 15%.


Less advertising money entails that Caesars will be harder to find on TV. One will still see a commercial or a few commercials devoted to Caesars, though. Moreover, Caesars is working on launching in Ohio and Maryland.

While California may legalize sports betting, Caesars is not joining the side of the online sportsbooks looking to push their initiative through, because those sportsbooks are mostly opposed to the tribes with whom Caesars has and wants to maintain positive relationships.