Caesars Sportsbook Comes Up With Generous Welcome Offer

Trey Songz performs at the Caesars Palace. Bryan Steffy/Getty Images for LiveXLive/AFP

Caesars Sportsbook is stepping up its welcome offer game. Here’s info on the current promo.

The Times Call For It

The advent of legal online betting is allowing Caesars Sportsbook to show people in new states everything that it has to offer. Now that more states are allowing online betting to take place, Caesars Sportsbook officials believe that it’s high time to make a super attractive welcome offer.

Given the status of legal online betting in this country, the newest offer that Caesars Sportsbook has to offer is available to users in the following 10 locations: Arizona, New Jersey, Colorado, West Virginia, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Virginia, Washington D.C., and Louisiana. 

Of course, for those using Caesars Sportsbook to wager, age requirements and similar legal restrictions also apply. The offer that Caesars Sportsbook is making looks like an improvement upon previous offers and it is a uniquely strong deal compared to what other sportsbooks offer. So without further ado, let’s talk about the offer from this top sportsbook.

The Offer

Caesars Sportsbook is offering the following to new members who register a new account on their website.
The offer is a $1,500 deposit match. When new users sign up, they receive money the amount of which matches their first deposit. There is a caveat: the first deposit must be at least $50.

Also, you must make this first qualifying deposit — meaning the first deposit of $50 or more — within a week. The clock starts ticking as soon as you register your account. You also have to place a bet through their website with the $50. You’ll then receive the free money into your account.

This added money that the promo promises is basically a free bet. To be clear, you only get the free money one time. It’s not like you get the money seven times if you place seven $50 dollar bets upon creating an account. The promotion is specifically for your first bet of $50 or more.

It’s a great feeling of security knowing that, if you lose your first bet, you’ll have a free opportunity to win your money back and then some. That’s why I think this offer from Caesars Sportsbook is genuinely generous for your sports betting endeavors.