Caesars Offers Risk-Free Wager

A detailed photo of the ball as it falls through the rim. Doug Pensinger/Getty Images/AFP.

Caesars is one of the most iconic names in the sports betting industry and right now they are allowing first-time customers an opportunity to make a bet without the risk.

Don’t let this betting deal expire without taking advantage of it right now! 

Wanna Make a Bet?

Major League Baseball is back and the NBA playoffs are already here with the NHL postseason right around the corner. There are plenty of games on which to bet and Caesars has decided that now is the time to offer their brand-new customers a First-Bonus Bet of up to $1100!

That’s right if you have never opened an account at Caesars Sportsbook, are 21 years old or over, and live or are physically located within the following states; IL, NY, NJ, VA, WV, LA, TN, CO, AZ, IA, IN, MI then you are eligible for this generous offer.

All you have to do is register for a Caesars’ account, download the Caesars’ app, make a deposit, and whatever the amount of your first bet is, Caesars will offer insurance up to $1100!

Therefore, if you lose the bet, you will be issued a Bonus Bet in the same amount as your first bet. And if you win, then you will get that amount deposited in your account. It’s really that simple!

Now remember, the bigger the bet the bigger the insurance, up to $1100, so if you make a $50 bet then the insurance is exactly that amount…$50. So, if you’re going to take full advantage of this offer then crank your unit size up a few notches and make your first bite at the apple count. 

Why Caesars?

All the top sportsbooks are not created equal and you will find that out if you compare the U.S. licensed sportsbooks in your area. Caesars is a notch above as they have a state-of-the-art mobile platform with an easy-to-read dashboard and plenty of options on their betting menu.

After all, don’t you want player and team props available just in case you’ve got a hunch and want to bet a bunch…or maybe just a little? We can never have too many options and Caesars welcomes all kinds of bettors, whether they are seasoned pros or recreational sports gamblers looking for a little action to make the game more interesting.

This is an ideal time to check out Caesars Sportsbook because the NBA playoffs have finally arrived! This year’s postseason will be unlike any other with the Miami Heat as the Cinderella story of the Eastern Conference and copping the No. 1 seed while the Suns rose in the West to end with a sizzling 64-win season. 

And what about the Memphis Grizzlies?! Here is a team that had to play their way into a first-round date with the Jazz last season only to get bounced in five games. This year they have emerged as the No. 2 seed in the Western Conference behind Phoenix and the fans in Grind City are having dreams of a world championship.

So don’t let the NBA playoffs pass you by and take advantage of this big-time offer from Caesars. It won’t last forever so get signed up, download the app, make your first bet a big one, and don’t sweat the game because Caesars has your back with a Bonus Bet in the same amount if you lose!