Caesars Offers Bonuses for Winning Your Super Bowl Bets

Signage is seen during a press preview of the Super Bowl Experience. Rich Fury/Getty Images/AFP.

Nothing can beat the thrill of betting on the biggest game of the year and winning, except maybe getting a bonus for placing your winning bet.

You can now get that extra thrill from two new promotions at Caesars Sportsbook surrounding Sunday’s Super Bowl LVI. You can get a free $56 bet if you win 7 of 10 prop bets, or you can place a same-game parlay and win up to $560.

Earn up to $560 With a Same Game Parlay

If you place a Same Game Parlay on Super Bowl LVI and win, Caesars will give you a bonus, in addition to your winnings from the wager.

There are two levels of bonus, depending on how much you bet on the Same Game Parlay. A minimum bet of $10 will earn a $56 free bet, in addition to your net winnings, if your parlay pays off.

If you bet at least $100 and win, you’ll earn $560 in free bets.

How the Same Game Parlay Works

Caesars has a parlay builder tool to help walk users through the process. A same game parlay needs to have at least two legs and can have up to 10. By combining them, you increase the risk—if any one of your bets loses, the parlay loses, regardless of how many winning legs you picked. However, it also increases the payout.

A Super Bowl Same-Game Parlay can include bets on the money line, point spread, over/under points total, or player props.

Fine Print

Since online gambling isn’t legal everywhere, the promotion is limited to states where Caesars is established. Winners must be located in Arizona, Colorado, Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, Michigan, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Tennessee, Virginia, or West Virginia. Users must also be 21 years old.

There is an odds requirement for the promotion. In order to be eligible for the $56 or $560 free bet bonuses, the parlay must have minimum odds of at least +1000.

As Caesars spells out, “For the avoidance of doubt, as an example, a $10 Same Game Parlay wager with odds of +750 would not qualify for this Promotion. A $10 Same Game Parlay wager with odds of +1125 would qualify for this Promotion.”

There is no limit to the number of same game parlay bets a participant can make, but each participant can only win once. While multiple bets are allowed, Caesars warns “Wagering on both sides of the Qualifying Game in this Promotion is prohibited and shall disqualify a Participant from this Promotion subject to the sole discretion of Caesars.”

Earn $56 by Winning Prop Bets

Caesars offers a wide variety of prop bets on the Super Bowl, resulting in more than 2,000 different ways to bet on the big game. It wants you to take a deep dive into the prop menu with its Bet the Props offer.

If you place at least 10 pregame prop wagers on the Super Bowl and win seven or more, you’ll get a $56 free bet, in addition to your net winnings.

Fine Print

In addition to the usual restrictions on state and age, there is a minimum odds requirement associated with this offer.

Each of the prop bets must have minimum odds of -130.

If you place more than 10 prop bets “only (the) first 10 qualifying wagers count.”

Bets must be placed under the TD Scorer, Player Props, or Prop Bets categories.