Bookie Deals: $3 Per Head NFL Deal

Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 1.35.34 PMOnline bookies have the chance to explode their player list during the summer. Right now,, the leader in per head agent services, is offering an incredible deal. For only $3 per head, bookies get a chance to utilize some of the best per head software in the industry. Bookies should get this NFL $3 per head offer all summer long.

The NFL season is just around the corner. Once July hits, NFL teams are going to start getting down to business regarding the new season. Bookies need to get down to business as well. Most of a bookmaker’s business comes during the NFL Season. It makes sense to utilize a per head company like PayPerHead to help organize the busiest time of the year.

PayPerHead offers features that make it the best per head company in the industry:
● A per head platform created by former bookies who know what you need in order to succeed
● An online bookie platform that allows you to customize max and min bets on an individual basis
● Mobile betting with daily win/loss figures set to specifications
● 1000+ live wagering events
● The ability for your players to wager throughout the entire duration of an event
● Created by bookies who understand how important the NFL Season is
● 24-hour customer service for you

Some bookies who are reading this know that there’s a catch. After all, $3 per head is a full 77% discount from the normal PayPerHead price. So, what’s the catch? There really isn’t not much of one. The only thing that online bookies must do is put $100 in their account in order to receive the $3 PPH promotion. That’s it.

PayPerHead’s bookie platform is considered one of the best in the business. As the leading B2B company for per head services, makes it a point to work as a partner with its customers. The bookie business is getting more competitive.PayPerHead only succeeds when you succeed. Create an account on to take part in the $3 per head NFL offer today. If you want to speak to a PayPerHead rep, call 888-978-088.

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