BetMGM Makes Splash in Illinois

BETMGM ad. Shannon Finney/Getty Images for MGM National Harbor/AFP

Huge news has just arrived in favor of major sportsbook operator BetMGM. Illinois bettors have every reason to be ecstatic. Legal and online sports betting is not only growing and spreading in this great country of ours. It is also becoming easier and more convenient for bettors to place wagers on sporting events.

Fortunately, highly reputable and well-established sportsbook operators are here to make the most out of the increasingly propitious sports betting landscape. Top Sportsbook BetMGM has a big update both for itself and for the state of Illinois. Read ahead for details.

New to Illinois 

Previously, there were six online sports betting operators in Illinois. There are now seven because BetMGM received a Management Services Provider license and is likewise allowed to operate online.

This means that BetMGM is now licensed to serve as an online sports betting operator in this state where, from now on, they are accepting mobile wagers. Thus, the excitement continues to grow for BetMGM, which launched in New York in January and is treading new territory in Illinois.

Great for Bettors 

Before today, an Illinois resident had to register in person. Legal sports betting launched in Illinois on March 9, 2020, and priority was accorded to the land-based casinos. But then, on the one hand, the state began struggling for revenue due to the coronavirus. The initial loyalty to land-based casinos did not vanish, though.

The consequence of these two conflicting interests — an interest in the state budget and an interest in prioritizing the casinos — was the alternating existence and non-existence of an in-person registration requirement. This requirement no longer exists, which should lead to a boost in the state’s budget. Amazingly, BetMGM has arrived right on time to take advantage and contribute to this monetary boost. 

Positive Outlook 

Illinois has released its sports betting financial information only through the end of 2021. This financial information positions Illinois at fourth in terms of handle among all the states in the nation.

Illinois’ success is impressive given the long-time imposition of an in-person registration mandate. Removal of this mandate and BetMGM’s arrival promise to add billions more to the total amount wagered by bettors in the state. Also, let’s consider the outlook in terms of current sports. March Madness is just around the corner.

March Madness is, obviously, a huge betting event. People who don’t normally bet will start to bet on what is one of the most exciting sporting events. A lot of these people will be University of Illinois supporters.

Loyola-Chicago could also join the Illini in the NCAA Tournament. The participation of Illinois-based teams will further stimulate Sports Betting in Illinois. New bettors will get to experience what sportsbooks such as BetMGM have to offer.