5 Profitable Prop Bets You Can Bet During the 2022 World Cup

Argentina Lionel Messi football match Jamaica
Argentina’s Lionel Messi celebrates his goal during the international friendly football match against Jamaica. (Photo by Andres Kudacki / AFP)

Prop bets can be an extra way to gain an edge on the best sportsbooks as they can be much harder for their data to analyze compared to the stronger betting markets such as match winners, goals, corners, etc.

Here are some prop bets we will be targeting during this year’s World Cup for you to take into consideration for your soccer picks.

Player Shots

We have had much success targeting player shots in recent months based on stats alone as the sportsbooks seem to be slow to adjust the odds and the line. An example of this is Napoli winger Khvicha Kvaratskhelia to see over 2.5 shots per match at -130/-140 for 7/8 games before the sportsbooks decided to move the line to 3.5.

World Cups are only 7 games long max and that’s if you make it all the way to the final, plus World Cup matches tend to be usually low shooting, meaning we might get some extra value on player shots over or even under for that matter.

Check player shooting stats, some teams like certain players to take most of their shots whilst other teams like to spread the shooting around.

Match Throw-Ins

Although this is a bet that most sportsbooks might not offer right now, you should shop around at the best ones because some books do offer the market and the best thing about it is the fact that there are relatively no stats for it and it mainly depends on a team’s playing styles and how each team’s tactics will counter each other’s, etc.

It’s very favorable when you have two teams who like to focus their attacking down the wings and also in situations where we have heavy favorites who are not very possession-based coming up against big underdogs. Keep these in mind.

Match Cards

Match card bets are becoming much more popular these days and there are many stats available to help you with your pre-game match bets. Luckily or unluckily for us, there are so many factors in card betting including the discretion or mood of a referee, so the sportsbooks can’t control the betting market so easily.

Obviously, we suggest looking at both teams’ fouls and tackles per game as well as the referees’ average of yellow and red cards per game. It also helps to check how many cards there have been in the previous five meetings between the teams (if history is recent).

Team tactics and aggressiveness in the tackle can also contribute to card betting, but this requires extra knowledge beyond stats that you will only learn by looking at game footage.

Player Shots on Target

The same as player shots only it has to be a shot on goal or on “target”. This is a market in which we can get some plus money odds more often than not, even for the top players as their line is usually set at over 1.5 for around +140, compared to over 0.5 for most players.

This bet could work out very nicely in the World Cup as top players might be on the field a little longer with many of the games still in the balance late into matches.

It’s very helpful to target teams who allow a lot of shots per game on target. Again, these stats can be found online. Check what players have been averaging the most shots on target for their teams. We usually find the line can hold some value.

Again going back to Napoli’s Khvicha Kvaratskhelia, he was averaging 2 shots on target per game for over 1 month, yet the sportsbooks kept offering us over 0.5 shots on target at -175, which we gladly took as kept cashing until they adjusted the line.

Team Goal Kicks

The best sportsbooks should have goal kicks markets and this is one we are very interested in during this upcoming World Cup.

We will specifically be looking to target strong underdog teams who we believe could go down 1-0, requiring them to up their attacking effort resulting in their opponents (who were pre-game favorites) having goal kicks.

Another approach for goal kicks is when we believe we will see an open game with many shots expected, this market can represent some value and betting odds if you play your cards right.