4 Top Tips for Growing Your Bookie Business during NFL Preseason

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 5.21.37 PMStart growing your business today by taking advantage of the highest betting volume sport. The NFL football season gives players and bookies alike the chance to earn big profits by taking advantage of all the great betting options on the biggest and busiest sport of the year.

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Steps to Grow Your Bookie Business With NFL Betting

Here are 4 steps on how to grow you bookie business with NFL betting:

1. Word of mouth from current players

It goes without saying that the best way to grow your bookie business is through word of mouth. Since you’re going to receive the bulk of action during the NFL Season, you’ll want your current players to call their friends and let them know that you accept bets on NFL games.

2. Promote NFL prop bets as they come up

Promote NFL betting in your book right now by taking advantage of interesting prop bets. As different prop bets come up, try alerting your players to encourage participation. For example, once a prop bet is set on who leads the NFL in rushing, you should let your players know that the prop bet is available.

3. Talk NFL when in the presence of your players

This is an important aspect of building your bookie business. Getting players interested in NFL betting means reminding them about the NFL, so talk about what’s happening when around your players as often as you can. Talk about the biggest wins and losses, or even interesting, unexpected things that have happened during the week.

4. Alert your players to Super Bowl future betting

Super Bowl 51 futures have been available since the final whistle of Super Bowl 50. Remind your players that wagering on who will win the 2017 Super Bowl is now possible. Also, remind players that locking into Super Bowl odds now might be the best move.

These 4 simple steps will help any bookie grow their NFL football season business before September even begins. For bookies who are looking for more tips on growing their business, read PayPerHead.com’s latest free guide the Ultimate NFL 2016-2017 Guide.

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