3X Bonus Offer for Online Bookies: Account Upgrade or 5% Cash Back


To make money during the Super Bowl season you need to have strategies for increasing bets, an up-to-date pay per head platform, and features your players want to use.

The new Super Bowl Madness offer from PayPerHead.com includes a triple bonus that will cover all of those must-haves for you:

Bonus #1: Industry Leading Platform

Payperhead.com is used by over 7,500 bookies and they have been in the business for over 20 years, they know what a bookie needs from their betting software.

When you sign up for the Super Bowl Madness offer you’ll get full access to their platform and you’ll get to choose your welcome bonus:

  • A Premium Account Upgrade of $10 per head for all $15 per head account features
  • or 5% Cash Back on all agent deposit activity with full access to the Premium Plan at $15/head

Both of the packages include 7 days free, 24-7 Telephone Wagering, Virtual & Live Dealer Casinos, and Unlimited Player Profiles.

You can get more Super Bowl Madness details here.

Bonus #2: Free NFL Playoff Guide

The second bonus is the Bookie Success Secrets: NFL Playoff Edition guide that reveals practical industry advice like:

  • The Right Way To Build Your Team
  • How To Get Your Players To Bet The Way You Want
  • How To Keep Your Book Balanced
  • Proven Bonus Play Strategies

This guide can help you prepare for the playoffs and keep your business growing afterwards, but it’s only available until the Super Bowl.

You can get your copy by clicking here.

Bonus #3: Discount Live Betting

The last bonus included in this high-value offer is discounted live wagering for NCAA March Madness.

Offering your players live betting in March will help keep your players betting after the Super Bowl, and you’ll be able to do it at a discount.

Get the full list of what’s included in the Super Bowl Madness offer and consider switching to PayPerHead.com before the busy season really gets going.