2016 AL Cy Young Odds Online Bookies Should Offer

Screen Shot 2016-09-08 at 3.36.47 PMThe American League Cy Young Award race, like the AL Pennant race, might go down to the wire. See below for odds offered by most sportsbooks and suggested odds for pay per head agents to offer through their books on AL pitchers to win the Cy Young.

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American League Cy Young

Cole Hamels, Texas +125

Hamels should take home the Cy Young. His stats bear it out. The ERA is 3.25. The WHIP is somewhat high at 1.31. That’s tempered some by Hamel’s 175 strikeouts. The most important factor is that Hamels is the ace on a team that many believe has a shot at the World Series.

Hamels is the obvious choice. Per head agents should definitely offer odds on Hamels at +100 or lower. Favorite bettors are going to be all over Hamels at +100 if they like him at +125. Why should bookies give up the +25?

Chris Sale, Chicago White Sox +450

Sale’s numbers definitely suggest that he can win another Cy Young. His ERA is 3.07. His WHIP is a terrific 1.01. Like Hamels, he’s also never won a Cy Young Award. Those are the positives.

However there are two negatives. First, he pitches for a losing team. The Chicago White Sox have no chance of making it to the playoffs. Second, he showed bad leadership skills when skipping a start earlier this season when he didn’t like the uniform that the White Sox wanted him to wear.

Offering +400 on Sale makes sense. If the average is +450, and one of your pay per head bookie players wants to bet on Sale, they’ll do so at +400.

Rick Porcello, Boston +500

Porcello has had an impressive season. This is especially true since the Red Sox play in one of the best ballparks in the country for hitters. Porcello has a 3.23 ERA and a 1.02 WHIP. His 19-3 record is flashy. Porcello should be the pitcher that online bookies offer at +450 odds, not Sale.

J.A. Happ, Toronto +550

+500 on Happ should be what bookies offer to their players. One of the reasons to work with a per head company is being able to offer odds that bookies deem are fair that are above or below odds offered in traditional sportsbooks.

Happ might end up the sharps’ choice. It looks like the Blue Jays will make the playoffs. Happ is a 33-year-old vet who is arguably having the best season of his career. Pay per head bookies should lower the odds on Happ while also setting max betting limits.

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