Why Comparing Sportsbook Odds is Crucial to Capping Success


There’s a popular old saying gamblers like to use — if you don’t think small edges matter, go to any block on the Las Vegas strip and look up.

Sportsbooks and casinos rake in billions of dollars in revenue worldwide simply by having small edges on their games. However, what keeps players coming back for more is the simple fact that not everyone loses. Sports betting is fun, to be sure, but players who can handicap well and look for sportsbooks with quality betting odds and platforms can supplement their incomes consistently with enough +EV (Expected Value).

Handicappers that feel they have an edge at a certain sport, or a position on a game that might result in their winning a bet, can simply look at the betting line offered by a sportsbook and determine if the odds reflect what they perceive as the team’s chance of winning. While it sounds simple enough in practice, the betting lines on American sports are sharper than a high-powered lawyer’s suit, so it is important to take your time and handicap properly.  The spread to ML converter offered over at Sportsbook Review is a great way for players to calculate their edge relative to the team’s probability of winning.

For instance, a 7-point favorite has about a 75% chance of winning straight up. However, if you can get a decent price on buying down to 6.5, or you line shop adequately and a 6.5 becomes available, the favorite only has to win about 72% of the time for you to make money. Look for dozens of these scenarios over the course of a month of American football and your bankroll will thank you for it.

Conversely, when comparing online sportsbook odds, pay attention to the little numbers to the next of the spread, commonly referred to as the vig. When faced with a choice of laying 7 points on the Green Bay Packers and being given -110 odds, or -105 odds, which would you choose? At the odds of -110, you have to put $110 in action for every $100 you would potentially profit. You only have to put down $105 at -105, and while $5 may not sound like a lot of coin, multiply this scenario by hundreds of wagers over the course of a season and even with a winning percentage in the upper 50%’s, you have cost yourself hundreds or thousands depending on your standard wager size by accepting higher vig.

Sportsbooks aren’t in the habit of giving away free money, so there may be some weekends where your betting card is lighter than others. But by optimizing good bankroll management and keeping your accounts funded at a number of online sportsbooks, you will be in a position to improve your expected win-rate and increase your return on investment. Sports betting is no different than buying stocks, make good decisions and exercise restraint when you need to, and Christmas can come early financially.

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