Exclusive March Madness Promotion: Half Off Premium Pay Per Head Software

Exclusive March Madness Promotion - Half Off Premium Pay Per Head Software

March Madness has begun, but it’s not too late to save some money with a great seasonal deal on pay per head software.

We’re celebrating March Madness at PayPerHead.com by giving Online Bookies our new Premium Package for just half the price.

That means you pay just $7 per head per week until March 31st for full access to a top-of-the-line pay per head platform.

With premium live wagering, seamless data migration, 24/7 support, and 1 day set up, this deal is the simplest way to save yourself some money during March Madness.

The Premium Package gives online bookies:

● Custom Agent Interface/mobile ASI/DGS
● Exclusive Rates for features like Live Dealers
● Premium Live Wagering on 1000+ events
● Online cashier including payment options like Wire Transfers and Bitcoin
● Digital Casino and Mobile Betting
● 24/7 support through phone, email, or chat
● Select Casino and Horse Profiles
● Elite Reporting Options
● DDOS Protection
● Best Live Wagering Rates In the Industry

Here are the details on how you can get set up with this exclusive offer:

1. Go to the information page to register your payperhead.com account (you will automatically get 7 days of free access to our pay per head software).

2. Contact us at 1-888-978-0288, request the half off Playoff Premium Package, and your account will be set up in just one day.

3. Deposit $250 dollars to activate your account. Once this is done, you’ll be ready to go.

4. We’ll deal with the full data migration from your previous supplier so that you’re in business with all your player data fast.

There’s still time to get on board and make some big money during March Madness.

Visit PayPerHead.com today to sign up for our Premium Package for half price.

The earlier you register, the more days you will get for half price.

Don’t forget that this exclusive offer ends on March 31.

March Madness Deal: Free Online Bookie Profit Guide

March Madness Deal - Free Online Bookie Profit Guide

March Madness is finally under way and online bookies need to be prepared for the profits they can potentially grab during these quick three weeks or so.

At PayPerHead.com, we’ve put all of our college basketball betting tips and pay per head software know-how into a new guide for online bookies: the March Madness Bookie Blueprint.

This useful guide provides great tips on navigating the March Madness chaos to boost your pay per head profits – and it’s completely free.

Inside the free Online Bookie Blueprint you’ll find seasoned industry advice like:

“Make sure that you know the game better than your players. Invest time in studying the players, athletes, and coaches. Players win big when online bookies underestimate teams and when they don’t know enough about college basketball history.”

As it guides you through the 4 weeks of preparing for and managing March Madness, the guide also gives you practical tools for executing your plans for more pay per head profits.

There are 4 freebie tools in all, 1 per week, but two examples are:
● Your 7 Step Strategy Roadmap: Use this valuable online bookie March Madness strategy roadmap to prepare step-by-step with the best tactics to maximize your profits.
● Newbie Package For March Madness: Set your players up with this newbie package for wagering on March Madness. It’s helpful for getting people new to the game into betting more often.

The March Madness Bookie Blueprint is not only a guide to maximizing your pay per head profits, but it helps you to develop your strategy for attracting and retaining new players to grow your business:

“Providing discounts on popular features of your per per head software is a good way to appease current players and tempt other bettors away from less up-to-date bookies.”

You can prepare to make more money in 2016 by downloading your free March Madness Bookie Blueprint today.

The tournament is will be over before you know it, so act now while the betting is hot.