Sportsbooks Are Not Created Equal

While online sportsbooks might appear to be worth a try — with flashy sign-up bonuses, sleek mobile software, and good customer service — the reality is that not every sports betting site is created equal. Historically, operators have launched each football season looking to fleece unsuspecting players out of their deposits and/or winnings. Sports betting sites are created routinely by operators with either no intention of paying, or no intention of running a quality book that stays afloat and can pay players over the long haul.

So, who can you trust? By considering resources such as the best online sportsbooks list at Sportsbook Review, which only includes sports betting sites that have been in business for six years and longer, as a player you are in a much better position than you would be choosing a sportsbook sight unseen. Blind dating is never a good idea when it involves your wallet.

While SBR ratings have long been the subject of speculation, the fact is that sportsbooks cannot buy their way onto the top list of sportsbooks. There are no banners being sold on the review website and player feedback is displayed prominently in all review pages, the good, the bad, and ugly. There are no slow-pay or no-pay sportsbooks in the higher tier of ratings, though the rating guide lists information on all 200+ companies serving the global sports betting industry.

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