It is a reality of the sports betting industry that not all bookies are created equal.

Scam operators surface at the start of every football season looking to fleece unsuspecting players out of their bankrolls. For this reason, it is essential that sports bettors do their homework and consider all resources at their disposal: The RX Forum user base routinely shares feedback on sports betting sites that have dealt with them unfairly. Most of these companies are listed on the blacklist at review websites.

To optimize the likelihood that you end up at a reputable site, consider the standing of the sportsbook: How many years has the site been in business, was it created overnight and re-branded as another domain to cleanse itself from the stench of prior wrongdoing? How quickly is the sportsbook paying players, and are all winners considered a priority, or only players thought to be “recreational” or lucky?

It is hard enough to pick the outcome of sporting events correctly and beat the bookmaker vig, so do yourself a favor & review player feedback, look at resources on The RX, and other industry monitoring sites, and enjoy your experience with the knowledge that you are wagering with a top online sportsbook with a good reputation.