MANPREET SINGH DILLON, who usually goes by the name of Manny works out of the Toronto, Ontario area (he actually lives in Brampton, Ontario). He is in his mid 30’s is approximately 5’10” is of East Indian decent, so he has dark hair, dark eyes and brown skin.

Manny is not only a consummate thief but a compulsive liar as well. This is one person who you do not want to do business with as he will steal your money if he is able to do so.

Manny is a typical reseller, he resells MIDs, provides ACH solutions, and also is involved with “pay out” solutions, such as check solutions, he may even provide wires. The companies he operates are Synapse Merchant Group Inc., Monetapay (although nothing comes up in a corporate search).

I was introduced to Manny in Sep 2011, he represented that he had credit card processing at that time. Soon we were processing with two MIDs , provided by a reputable company in Eastern Canada, Manny being the reseller was making about 5% on top of what the processor charged. After nine months both MIDs were shut down by the processor. Manny indicated that our rolling reserve would be held for six months by the processor and when released to him he would forward the monies to us. In reality, the processor was not holding any rolling reserve. And finally Manny admitted that he did in fact have our rolling reserves , and there had been some sort of mix up on his end but our funds were safe in his account. On August 8, 2013, Manny said he would be wiring us our rolling reserves, unfortunately he never sent us a wire. Approximately a week later Manny had his accountant “Jay” send us a bill for $90K saying we had breached the contract. This was just pure fiction on Manny’s part.

Manny then said to me he wanted $25,000 in compensation for having his MIDs shut down. However, the really issue was that Manny had long ago spent our rolling reserve and had no intent to repay the money. Finally, during October 2013, Manny came clean saying he would repay us the money he owed (our rolling reserves) however, he had no money at the time.

It is now July 2014, we have of course received nothing from Manny, and he does not return phone calls or emails. I know with certainty Manny is still out there going to shows (London, Amsterdam) to find new people to scam, so beware!

If any one else has been scammed by Manpreet (Manny) Dillion, send me the details and I will post it here. The purpose of me posting this information is to prevent Manny from continuing to scam others.