Sports Betting Whale

Sports Betting Whale The “Sports Betting Whale” is a legendary sports bettor who has won tens of millions of dollars – all from betting on sports. He is one of the winningest sports bettors in Nevada history:-He was the biggest sports bettor in the United States in the 1990′s, routinely wagering millions of dollars a week on sports.

-In 1995, his sports betting action ($75 Million in wagers) accounted for about one-third of all the sports betting action combined in all the Las Vegas sportsbooks (about $225 Million)!

-He’s taken under $1,000 and ran it up to hundreds of thousands of dollars or millions of dollars hundreds of times over the last 25 years..

-In one of his greatest runs, he took $50,000 and ran it up to $4 Million on Pinnacle within 4 days of betting.

-”The Whale” has won tens of millions of dollars from betting on sports over his lifetime.

Now, “The Whale” is finally making his picks public because the Nevada sportsbooks no longer take the kind of action he really wants to make.

This man may possibly be the winningest sports bettor ever. “The Whale” is now giving out all of his sports picks for free so that you can follow along and bet side-by-side with one of Nevada history’s most prolific bettors.!

Contact Information URL: Hotline: (702)-462-1135.