’s Crazy NFL Season Promos Extended into September


August is a great time to consider switching up your pay per head platform.

Why would I say that?

Because it’s the best time of the year to save yourself some money if you find a decent deal during the pre-NFL offer season.

Just today today announced that they’re extending their two most popular promotions until September 10th to give bookies a better resource to for their busiest season.

After a quick look at, you’ll see they have a very wide range of features compared to other platforms:

  • Your choice of either DGS or ASI
  • 24/7 Online Wagering
  • 24/7 Phone & Online Support
  • Select & Horse Profile
  • Unlimited Player Profiles
  • Virtual & Live Dealer Casinos
  • Quick Moving Market Sharp Lines
  • 100% Data Migration Service
  • Best Mobile Platform in the Industry
  • Extensive Reporting & Account Management
  • Top-notch security – 128 bit encrypted logins
  • State of the Art Distributed Denial Of Service (DDoS) prevention

You really do need to do your research to find a platform that actually follows through on it’s promise to help increase your business.

To save you a bit of time, I’ve gathered the details on the PayPerHead extended promos. They’re from a big, no-nonsense player and are just in time for our ramp up into the NFL season.

1. Get Your First Two Months Free 

The first offer is completely no obligation, no tricks, no hidden fees. Just two months free on PayPerHead’s dime.

  • You do have to make an initial deposit of $100
  • Your two free months are for August and September, so check it out ASAP
  • Offer ends September 10th – the first day of the NFL season
  • Standard rates apply if you continue with past the promotion dates

Grab your 2 free months with no strings attached here.

2. Only Pay $3 Per Head

The second deal is putting on is a special locked in rate. They don’t often do offers like this, but that’s why you have to keep your eyes open during August for these valuable pre-season offers.

  • Again, you do have to make an initial deposit of $100
  • You will only pay $3 per head for three months
  • The discounted rate applies to August, September, and October
  • Standard rates apply if you continue with past the promotion dates

Get your discounted rate before the NFL season starts and the deals are gone.

So the earlier you grab one of these deals, the more cash you’ll save!

Keep in mind both offers give you full access to the standard platform.

That’s another sneaky little tip for those of you hunting out deals - make sure you’re not just getting a light version of the tool, you want to see the full power of the product.

Just another reason I recommend PayPerHead. They’ve been helping bookies since 1997 and know just what we’re looking for to maximize our business.

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