Premium Package at $6.50/Head

Screen Shot 2016-11-30 at 5.12.02 PMHaving the right software is imperative for any per head agent or online bookie. Whether you’re new to the business or have been doing it the old fashioned way for year, it’s time to upgrade to premium software.

With agents and bookies can expect premium tools and the ease of use that comes with industry-leading software—for which the sale has been extended right through December, incidentally.

This means that online bookies and per head agents can get PayPerHead’s premium software for half-price—that’s only $6.50 per head!


With, premium really does mean premium, and bookies can expect nothing less than the best.

PayPerHead has been around for nearly 20 years. It has a professional in-house team of linesmakers who are known for setting the sharpest lines in the sportsbook industry.

The tools provide premium solutions designed specifically for the agents and bookies that keep our industry going at the ground level. We think you’ll never go back.

Premium Tools Include:

  • Hold percentages provide a breakdown of each sport, league, period, bet, type of activity for players, and agent of bet count, volume, wins, and losses.
  • The ability to schedule limit overrides, which allow agents to circle the limits on a scheduled period and time to mitigate potential risk
  • A fully customizable dashboard for pay per head agents looking to personalize their books.
  • Create 15+ [player] reports to display in the dashboard.
  • Create settle alerts that will remind agents when to collect or pay a player before the settle limit is reached.
  • Check weekly balances by agent and player, which include a complete breakdown of where profit was earned and lost in detail.

These tools are exclusive to PayPerHead and are made to help bookies make more money and increase their bottom lines. Take advantage of this extended half-off dealtoday—learn more about and see why premium really does mean premium.

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