Pay Per Head Tips: Use Subagents To Expand Their Sportsbook Business

Screen Shot 2017-07-20 at 12.32.22 PMThere could come a time when an agent must become a master agent. Master pay per head agents are different than normal per head agents.

Master agents hire subagents to help them with the work they wish to accomplish.

Subagents can be a boon to master agents. Subagents can rally expand a master agent’s business. Check out why that’s the case.

Master Agents are CEOs

Master agents are Chief Executive Officers. What’s the goal of the Chief Executive Officer? The primary goal of the CEO is to create and maintain profitable businesses.

The secondary goal of the CEO is to grow the business. Once a CEO takes on investors, the secondary goal becomes the primary goal.

Master agents are CEOs. What this means is that a master agent’s primary goal is to grow, or expand, his or her online bookie business.

How do master agents accomplish this?

Since master agents find it difficult to separate themselves from the secondary goal, maintaining a profitable business, master agents hire subagents.

The Smartest CEOs Hire Employees Better at Things Than They Are

The key rule with hiring subagents is to find those subagents that are better at things master agents aren’t that great at. This is the way CEOs think.

If a CEO is terrific at selling widgets, the CEO hires someone better at selling rods than he is.

When it comes to the bookmaking industry, master agents hire subagents with a different skill set.

For example, a master agent that’s great at attracting football bettors might look to hire a subagent with a book of business made up primarily of NBA and college basketball bettors.

What to Look For in a Great Subagent

Emotional Intelligence – Subagents spend a lot of time dealing with clients. They must have enough emotional intelligence to deal with those clients.

Eagerness – It’s great when master agents find a subagent that is eager to grow the business. There’s nothing wrong with being hungry in business if that hunger comes from a place of integrity.

Honesty – If subagents aren’t honest with master agents, what’s the point?

Good Communication Skills – Subagents communicate to both master agents and clients. Great subagents don’t have trouble communicating.

Subagents can be a great way for master agents to expand their businesses There comes a point when maintaining a current business is a primary focus.

That’s when expanding a business becomes difficult. In the online bookie business, hiring subagents could be the way to go.

Be A Master Agent

Once an online bookie is ready to be a master agent, he or she must have the right software already in place.

PayPerHead’s Prime Package is built for master agents. See everything happening within your business, both subagents and bettors, all from one easy-to-use dashboard.

To amp up for the 2017 NFL Regular seasons, PayPerHead is offering the prime package for just $5 per head.
Premium tools, mobile and live betting options, and the ability to monitor your business, all for just $5 per head. Be the master of your bookie business, become a PayPerHead agent today.

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