Online Bookies Who Can Manage Their Growth Become Master Agents

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Master agents are different than sub-agents. A sub-agent works for a master agent. The master agent is like the CEO of the company.

He or she doesn’t get into the weeds. The key for per head agents to become master agents is to understand and manage growth.

Are You Growing Too Fast?

This is one of the key considerations. Let’s say that you’re an agent. The first month of your business you handle 3 clients. All 3 of the clients you know personally. You do such a great job at handling your 3 clients that word of mouth spreads about your bookie business.

The next month, your business doubles. Now, you handle 6 clients. Let’s say that your online bookie business doubles every month for the next 2 months after the 6 clients. You suddenly have 24 clients.

Of the 24 clients, let’s say 6 are pro players and the rest are casual players. The reason that you’ve grown so quickly is because of your excellent customer service.

That’s the key to know if you’ve grown too quickly. You should start your business with the belief that you are a customer service driven company.

What that means is that you provide the best possible customer service depending on the circumstances.

Since you provide as good of customer service as you can, you should start to notice if you can’t provide the same level of customer service.

Maybe, you just don’t have time to check in with your best pro player. Maybe, you don’t have time to send a certain reminder that you always send to a specific group of casual players.

That’s the key. Once a pay per head agent notices that he or she is slacking on the customer service side is when the agent must become a master agent.

The agent is growing too quickly. The agent must hire sub-agents to get into the weeds so that the agent can manage growth.

Hiring Sub-Agents Can Also Help You to Grow

But hiring sub-agents to manage growth isn’t the only reason to do it. There’s also such a thing as hiring sub-agents to grow.

Perhaps, you’re just not growing as quickly as you’d like. One of the best ways to jump start growth, every Fortune 500 company knows this, is to buy revenue.

When Microsoft bought LinkedIn, they purchased LinkedIn’s revenue. When an online bookie master agent hires sub-agents with their own book of business, that master agent is purchasing the revenue that the sub-agents’ clients provide.

Both managing growth, and perpetuating growth are two reasons to hire sub-agents. All agents must pay close attention to their specific businesses to understand if one or either applies to them.

Monitor Your Sub-Agents

Once an agent has hired sub-agents for either of the two reasons above, it’s time to monitor them. Pay per head agent need a premium sportsbook management software to do so.

Using a customizable dashboard, agents can see all that is going on between sub-agents and players. They manage the players, but it’s the master agent’s job to know exactly what’s happening, including the cashflow, money going in or out, of the agent’s business.

Having the industry-leading sportsbook management software will aide master agents with growth and management. offers an array of tools and features that help online bookies become master agents.

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