Online Bookies: Start Making Cash and Become a Master Agent

Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 8.04.52 AMBecoming an online bookie agent is all the rage. Why wouldn’t it be? The sports betting industry continues to expand.

Sports bettors have multiple outlets from which to place bets. Cash flows every day in the industry.

But, becoming an independent pay per head agent may not be enough. At some point, hopefully, an agent’s business becomes too large for her to handle.

When those times occur, it makes sense for individual bookie agents to become master agents.

Master Agents are CEOs

There’s a reason the words think like a CEO aren’t written here. Agents, no matter if they oversee sub agents or not, should already think like a CEO. CEO’s worry about cash flow.

They worry about growing their organizations. They’re always worried about turning revenue into profit.

All per head agents should think like CEOs of major corporations already. If you don’t currently think this way, you had better start.

There’s no way to be a master agent unless you’re comfortable being in charge.

CEOs are in charge. The buck stops with them. For master agents, the buck stops with them as well.

Master agents are ultimately responsible for the performance of their sub agents as well as how their sub agents treat their customers.

Hire the Right Sub-Agents

Individual online bookie agents become successful by managing action from their customers.

Some online bookie agents are so used to being successful this way that it becomes second nature for them to pick up the phone to call their pro players, or shoot off a targeted marketing email with nary a thought.

That’s well and good if the agent’s company is humming along and hasn’t grown too large or too fast. But, if a per head agent has built her company so big that she’s finding it difficult to manage on the customer service level, it makes sense to hire sub agents.

The sub agents main job in this scenario is to provide excellent customer service. The right sub agents will not only provide great customer service, but they’ll also bring along their own book of business.

In most industries, sales people can be successful no matter where they land in an industry because they’ve built a personal book of business.

It doesn’t take much for a salesperson to hit the ground running. All they must do is open their rolodex and start dialing customers that they’ve built personal relationships with.

The very best sub agents are like great salespeople. They have a book of business, a list of sports bettors, that they’ve developed a relationship with. Those are the sub agents that master agents should look to hire.

One thing to keep in mind is that none of this matters unless an agent’s business is ready for sub agents. There should never be a rush to become a master agent.

The very best pay per head agents build lasting organizations organically, not forcefully.

Consider that before hiring anyone as a sub agent. offers the best management tools in the business for those who want to be master agents. Master agents should have the industry-leading premium price per head software.

Experience premium – get today.

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