Online Bookie Tips: How to Keep Casual Players Betting

Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 1.29.34 PMPay per head agents find out right away that their bookmaking operations are made up of mostly casual players. There are ways to keep casual players happy. Happy casual players bet more.

Find Your Casual Players

To keep casual players happy, bookmakers must first discover their casual players. As a refresher, below is the definition of a pro player and a definition of a casual player:

Pro player – Doesn’t bet often, but when he or she does, the monetary investment of each bet is large. Pro players wager based on money management methods.

Casual player – Won’t bet a large amount. But, bets on more games than a pro player. Might only bet on nationally televised games so that they can watch what they played.

Check Player Activity and Wagers Reports

How do online bookies find casual players? They must first check player activity reports. Player activity reports show who are a bookmakers’ pro players and who are a bookies’ casual players.

Cross-referencing those player activity reports with the wagers reports can lead to powerful assumptions about casual players.

For example, if a casual player suddenly starts betting on the Cleveland Cavaliers to cover the spread only after the playoffs start, that casual player is most likely a LeBron James fan.

He or she isn’t just a Cavaliers fan. If he or she was, action on the Cavs should have flooded the book on a regular basis during the NBA Season.

Utilize Premium Section TV Listings to Find Nationally Televised Games

Casual players prefer to wager on games they can watch. That’s why casual players bet much more on Super Bowl Sunday than they do during any other NFL Sunday.

Pay per head agents should sign up for the Premium Section, study the TV Listings, and send marketing messages to casual players based on TV Listings.

Good customer service is knowing what your customers like. Casual players prefer to wager on games that they can watch.

Don’t Mistreat Casual Players

It’s imperative that agents don’t mistreat casual players. Word of mouth customers come from casual players.

Pro players talk. But, pro players don’t talk as much as casual players talk. Also, casual players never win as much as pro players.

Once a bad reputation about an online bookie gets out, that online bookie could be done for. Always work with casual players when it comes to payments. Agents must make sure to use the hold percentage tool to ensure that casual players don’t get into trouble.

The bottom line is this: smiling casual players are betting casual players. Keep those casual players smiling.

Having the right tools will help online bookies determine who are their pros, and their casuals. offers the industry-leading tools designed to help pay per head agents know their bettors.

Find out what your players are betting, what type of bet, and how much. Determine your casual players and make sure to follow the advice above.

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