NBA 2016-17: Online Bookies Need To Watch The Spread

Screen Shot 2016-11-17 at 12.14.46 PMWhen it comes to betting on the NBA, it’s important that online bookies pay attention to the spread.

Per head agents and bookmakers could get hurt big time by not paying attention to the spread on NBA games.

Example of NBA Spread

Below is an example of real NBA spread for a game between the Golden State Warriors and the Toronto Raptors that took place on Wednesday, Nov. 16.

Opening Line:

Golden State             -4.5

Toronto                    +4.5

Spread by 11:00 am ET:

Golden State                -6

Toronto                       +6

The betting spread had gone up a full 1.5 points from when the line was set to 11:00 am ET. Since the game wasn’t scheduled to tip-off until 8:00 pm ET, it goes to reason that a huge movement to the side of the Warriors had already taken place.

Logic dictated that this movement might continue to take place unless sharp bettors got involved to stabilize Golden State at -6 or take the spread down from -6 to -5.5 or -5.

What Online Bookies Could Have Done

Utilize Pay Per Head Layoff Account – One of the best tools available to per head agents and bookmakers is the Layoff Account found through pay per head companies like

A Layoff Account is exactly what it sounds like, it allows bookies to layoff money wagered on one side of a spread from another.

If too much money in the above example has been placed onto Golden State to cover the spread versus Toronto, per head agents and bookmakers could have laid off some of that money via their Layoff Account through PayPerHead.

This gives bookies partnering with a company like an advantage over other bookies.

It should be noted the Layoff Account through PayPerHead is not a betting account. It’s a tool for online bookies to use to lay off betting action. It’s used to effectively manage a bookie business.

It’s not designed for bookies to make wagers. It’s designed for online bookies to try and even out action on both sides of a spread bet.

Since spread odds can change dramatically in NBA games, a Layoff Account could particularly be useful to bookmakers and per head agents on NBA games.

Currently online bookies and per head agents can get’s premium software for only $6.50 per head for a limited time.

Agents should consider a premium software to grow their business and ensure they can properly mitigate risk.

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