For Only $5 Per Head Online Bookies Can Get A Premium Platform

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Seasoned online bookies should have a premium platform to manage their sportsbook. Having the proper management tools will help grow their sportsbook to exponential levels.

A premium sportsbook management platform is the obviously choice for agents when it comes to risk mitigation and tools meant to assist with balancing books and growing profit.

The right price for a premium platform is an added bonus for pay per head agents looking to change partners. The right price can be found, for just $5 per head, on

Premium Tools Online Bookies Need:

  • 24/7 Support via phone, email & chat and a dedicated account rep
  • Premium live wagering on over 80 leagues and 70 horse tracks
  • Real layoff account in order to balance your book
  • DDOS Protection offers the safest & most secure platforms in the industry
  • Settle Alert – Allows the agent to create a pre-settle to know when to needs to collect or pay a player before the limit is actually reached.
  • Hold Percentage – Gives a breakdown of all sports, leagues, period, bet types, bet counts, volume, wins, and losses for bookies to compare side-by-side. This can be used for leveraging and promoting games that make agents the most money.
  • The Mass Editing tool allows online bookies to set max betting limits on all players all at once, this time efficient tool helps to mitigate risk and adjust payouts.
  • And even moreā€¦. offers the tools above, and even more, when online bookies get their Prime Package.

Become A PayPerHead Agent Today has been in the business for 20 years and works closely with their online bookies to make sure that none of their players take them to the cleaners.

And, being an industry-leading partner means that online bookies get access to exclusive features and tools that no other company offer.

As of right now, is offering their Prime Package at just $5 per head. Unlock the best resources, tactics, and tips, and start growing your online bookies business.

Become a PayPerHead agent today and see why premium, really does mean premium.

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