Right Angle Sports

Right Angle Sports (or RAS), established in 1996, is considered by many experts to be the most successful, respected, and influential college sports handicapping service in the industry. RAS combines a strong background in informational, fundamental, and subjective analysis with the use of advanced statistical indicators and modeling to produce world class results with fully transparent record keeping. RAS’s edge in the college sports markets is best demonstrated by its consistent long term win rates, the margins by which its plays beat the closing line, and how quickly the entire betting market reacts to its releases.

RAS’s success in the college football and college hoops totals markets in the mid-2000s made the service a known commodity throughout the sports betting world. But perhaps most impressive is that RAS has been able to maintain its level of success on both sides and totals in recent years.

From 2009 to 2014, RAS compiled a documented win rate of 56.2 percent in college hoops (1,459 plays) and 59.4 percent in college football (353 plays).

In a Reddit AMA in August of 2014, Edward-RAS noted that his team has expanded in recent years, which has helped the service remain successful despite a market that gets harder every year. “Our team features multiple accomplished originators,” Edward said in response to a question. “Why? So we can increase volume and confirm and strengthen our opinions.”

RAS takes a one-sport-at-a-time approach and focuses only on the college markets, a method that Edward told ESPN.com’s Chad Millman has been instrumental to his service’s success through the years.

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