Doc’s Sports: 40 years handicapping football, basketball & baseball

Doc's Sports Service - docsports.comDoc’s Sports Services is the premier sports handicapping service available online and their team of handicappers has produced by far the highest winning percentage, the highest return on investment, and the highest overall profit making of any syndicate in the nation. Best of all Doc’s Sports welcomes you to their service with a no obligation $60 in free member picks – Click Here for Details.

Doc’s Sports just celebrated its 40th anniversary in the sports handicapping industry. You don’t make it four decades without a strong dedication to honesty, integrity, and the strongest research of any professional handicapper in the United States. Doc’s has separated itself because of its amazing consistency and outstanding customer service and this group is made up of some of the sharpest minds in the gambling world.

Here is the rundown of the All Star team that Doc’s Sports clients utilize:

Doc’s Sports – The gold standard in handicapping, Doc’s Sports just celebrated 40 years of uninterrupted service and there isn’t another handicapper in the United States that has produced more winners, for longer, than Doc’s. His work in the Big Ten in college sports is legendary and his numbers over the past decade in sports like the NFL, NBA and MLB betting are among the elite profit producers around.

Robert Ferringo – One of the most aggressive and consistent handicappers in the country, Robert is one of the true rising stars in the industry. Last fall and winter he brought his dime bettors $250,000 in profit with his football, college basketball, NBA and NHL selections and so far this season he has again turned a profit in all four sports to the tune of $160,000 for his dime bettors.

Allen Eastman – This savvy veteran has 23 years in the sports betting industry and is one of the most consistent earners in the industry. Dating back to 2008 Eastman has posted a full season profit in 10 of 11 sports and wagers on every game that he releases to his clients. This cagey veteran has some of the best return on investment numbers in the nation.

Indian Cowboy – His one-play-per-day mantra is legendary and this handicapper is an absolute money machine. IC has gone on runs of 10, 12 and 14 straight winning picks over the last four years and is renowned for his research and his disciplined approach. He is also known for his entertaining sports videos available daily – for free – at

Strike Point Sports – This selective handicapper is one of the most underrated cappers in the game. A profit machine in college basketball, they are working on five of six winning college hoops seasons. When you add in their documented college football success, “Mr. Saturday” is one of the most explosive handicappers that you can play along with (14 days of 15+ Units over the last five years in all sports.)

Vegas Sports Informer – No one works the strip harder than our own Informer. This strategically placed sports betting professional is one of the true insiders on The Strip. He is always involved in the sharp action in all sports and has an unprecedented run of five straight winning NBA seasons to go along with 3 of 4 winning years in both college basketball and MLB betting.

Jason Sharpe – One of the best big play gamblers in the circuit, Sharpe has nailed over 62 percent of his plays rated 5.0 or higher in his two years with Doc’s team. He is a sensational 16-6 with his Game of the Year predictions and if he has a big play you want to be on it!

Best of all Doc’s Sports welcomes you to their service with a no obligation $60 in free member picks – Click Here for Details.

This team is by far and away the most trustworthy, most professional, and most well-rounded group of handicappers that you can find anywhere. Doc’s Sports Services has proven, documented results and they are known for two things: their exceptional customer service and their consistent long-term results. If you are even thinking about putting money down on a game or if you are looking for a long-term strategy for sports betting enjoyment and success you absolutely have to contact Doc’s Sports Services today!

Check them out at: and you can e-mail them at Or you can call them toll free at 1-866-238-6696 and find out what the buzz is about at the most profitable sports betting team in the nation.

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