Comparing Pay Per Head Software: Are they all the same?

Screen Shot 2017-02-02 at 5.20.09 PMThe answer to the question if all pay per head software is the same is – no. Not all online bookie agent software is the same.

Some software is simply designed to allow players to easily make wagers. Other sportsbook software simply mirrors excel sheet record keeping.

Sports book software that only mirrors excel sheet record keeping may be helpful to some bookmakers. It may even help those bookmakers that are happy with the state of their companies.

The Three Things that the Best Per Head Software Does

For the true price per head agent, the very best per head software, like that offered by, provides three key benefits to agents.

Adds efficiencies

The best per head software adds efficiencies. Although adding efficiencies may seem like a foregone conclusion, not all per head software does this.

If the per head software only provides the basic information, it’s not adding efficiencies. Efficiencies saves time and money. It’s the key element to any successful business.

Helps agents gain revenue

Gaining revenue, like adding efficiencies, doesn’t come from just any per head software. The best per head software, from PayPerHead, allows agents to keep track of a players’ wagering history. This can lead to players providing more action to books.

Helps agents turn revenue into profit

The way to turn revenue into profit is by making more money than what a company spends on acquiring the revenue.

For example, if an online bookie agent provided a contest where the winner got a free $500 bet for only winning the most $10 bets.

It could be difficult to turn the revenue into profit. The agent would need at least fifty $10 bets to just break even.

But there’s more to it than just the numbers. Good pay per head software allows agents to discover individual player betting trends.

Agents can take these betting trends and promote live betting on specific games, push betting on games where action may be slight, or develop marketing plans based around betting trends.

Price per head agents can get these reports and more with PayPerHead’s premium sportsbook software.

And right now, bookies and agents can upgrade to’s premium sportsbook software for FREE for a limited time only.  

The best pay per head software provides tools that add efficiencies, helps agents gain revenue, and helps agents turn revenue into profit. PayPerHead reps are available for questions through chat or at 888-978-0288.

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