Price Per Head Tips: How To Collect From Players

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One of the biggest questions for online bookies centers on collecting money from customers. While some online bookies have their preferred days and ways to settle up, the majority of them are doing it wrong. In doing so, they are limiting themselves on the amount of cash they can collect. By re-thinking days and ways to settle up, online bookies can see profits grow even more. With PayPerHead, online bookies have tons have tools and resources to continue to grow … [Read more...]

SportsOptions – 7 Day Free Trial


What is SportsOptions SportsOptions is a powerful information tool that gives today’s players the advantage needed to turn their hard work into real returns. Just as a stockbroker relies on his research tools before making a trade, SportsOptions does the research for you with live odds, breaking injuries, event information, line move alerts, best bet alerts, system plays and a wealth of archived data. You’ve put in the work, now it is time to take your ROI to … [Read more...]