Online Bookies Who Can Manage Their Growth Become Master Agents

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Master agents are different than sub-agents. A sub-agent works for a master agent. The master agent is like the CEO of the company. He or she doesn’t get into the weeds. The key for per head agents to become master agents is to understand and manage growth. Are You Growing Too Fast? This is one of the key considerations. Let’s say that you’re an agent. The first month of your business you handle 3 clients. All 3 of the clients you know personally. You do such … [Read more...]

Pay Per Head Tips: Use Subagents To Expand Their Sportsbook Business

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There could come a time when an agent must become a master agent. Master pay per head agents are different than normal per head agents. Master agents hire subagents to help them with the work they wish to accomplish. Subagents can be a boon to master agents. Subagents can rally expand a master agent’s business. Check out why that’s the case. Master Agents are CEOs Master agents are Chief Executive Officers. What’s the goal of the Chief Executive Officer? … [Read more...]

Online Bookie Tips: Be A Master Agent With These 3 Tips

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Pay per head agents becoming master agents isn’t as difficult as it sounds. In fact, if an agent follows the 3 tips below, he or she should become a master agent in no time. Word of caution, the following tips only work if the agent in question has built a profitable sportsbook business. What it means is that the pay per head agent taking care of his or her business solo is no longer possible. The best master agents are those that must become master agents. If … [Read more...]

Why Every Pay Per Head Agents Needs A Customizable Dashboard


There are numerous reasons an online bookie might want to become an online agent. The most important reason is access to valuable software that can help an online bookie maintain an already profitable business. Some bookmakers then wish to grow their businesses. Other bookmakers only care about maintaining consistent profitability. Both goals can be determined by the value found in the per head dashboard. Everything Starts with the Pay Per Head Dashboard A pay … [Read more...]

How to Recognize Triple Crown Expert Wagering & Keep Your Bottom Line Safe

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For many pay per head agents the Triple Crown of horse racing is when action peaks in the online racebook. The 3-race Triple Crown, the Kentucky Derby, Preakness, and Belmont, can lead to a ton of action, which most agents can quickly turn into profit. But, agents can also lose plenty of money during Horse Racing’s Triple Crown. The reason is because professional horseplayers, or Triple Crown experts, pounce on the giant pools for all 3 Triple Crown … [Read more...]